Huawei Cancels Android-Windows Handsets; No More Plans to Make Dual-OS Handsets

By @judithaparri on

In the previous week, TrustedReviews reported Huawei has plans to make low-cost dual OS Android-Windows Phone handsets later this year. FierceWireless currently has Huawei's statement it is canceling the plan.

According to FierceWireless, Huawei Consumer Business Group has an open approach on mobile OS to provide various choices for consumers. But most products are Android-based and there are no plans to make dual-OS handsets in the future. Such contradicts earlier statement by the firm's CMO Shao Yang, who claimed it is working on such device and the plan is to release them on the second quarter this year, and even sell them in the U.S. The Chinese phone maker also stressed its zest in Windows Phone saying if people want them, they will make them.

What made Huawei change its mind is unclear, albeit it is perhaps not a consumer's feedback. Google and Microsoft are not fans of the concept. Google even is fairly aggressive in blocking attempts of dual-boot machines to run Windows 8 in the case of Asus. Huawei's change of heart is likely similar to Asus ditching on its laptop hybrid dual-OS.

The Asus Transformer Book Duet  has been shelved ahead of its anticipated launch, largely because of Google and Microsoft's opposition of the dual platform concept. While it is not directly expressed, it seemed  Intel's dual OS platform that runs Android and Windows 8 will also be shelved.

The concept of a handset that boots either Android or Windows Phone seems like a geek's dream for now. In reality, it is quite a rash idea that will appeal to some niche audiences. Booting your phone to load two operating systems will have some certain novelty effects. But having two online stores to choose from and which one is preferred may be too much to handle.

Huawei and Asus are not the first manufacturers to claim to make dual-boot phones. Karbonn, maker of low-cost phone units and the latest hardware provider of Microsoft, who is based in India, said they will pursue with the twofold route.

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