HTC Unleashes a Pretty Beast in HTC One: Is it Capable of Mauling the Super Smartphones from Apple and Samsung?

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The cloak has been peeled off and HTC One did not disappoint - it is sexy and powerful handset that its Taiwanese manufacturer has touted it to be, packing a 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 CPU that is teamed up with a 2GB of RAM.

Its component housed in a mixed of anodised aluminium and polycarbonate material plus a Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protecting the 4.7-inch Super LCD 3 screen, which is Full HD on 1080p resolution with 468dpi of pixel density, the One is a light beast weighing only approximately five ounces.

Earlier reports that suggest the HTC One looks like Apple's iPhone 5 are somewhat true but the One extended the inspiration it got from the tech giant. It melded a bit of polycarbonate with a predominant metal material, wrapping the handset's entire body in what HTC called as "zero-gap unibody design."

Sleek, wafer-thin but capable of becoming a brute machine were some of the impressions drew by HTC's new flagship smartphone from experts.

The One has achieved a premium feel, TechRadar said, adding that it "marries balanced weight with enough heft."

Engadget says: "We walked away tremendously impressed with what the HTC One has to offer, especially in terms of hardware."

While BGR News instantly labelled the One as "one phenomenal phone."

However, everyone seemed to agree that for HTC to monetise on the incredible efforts it poured in developing the HTC One, the company needs to flex more muscle on the marketing side - introduce the gadget to global consumers programmed to use Apple and Samsung smartphones and convince them that they're getting one of the best deals around.

As CNET reminded, the HTC One is a sexed up handset but "history has already shown that a sexy, new product just enough anymore."

For HTC One to measure up with Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy smartphones, its makers needs a bigger marketing war-chest and a proactive approach in tussling with the players currently nestled on top of the food chain, analysts said.

Again, CNET concedes HTC was able to put together a viable contender in the HTC One but the firm's latest "attempts may be for naught," with a half-hearted mission of toppling the giants out there.

And with Samsung reportedly lining up the Galaxy S4 for a March 14 preview, "HTC has to act fast," BGR said.

"If we know Samsung, we know it's going to push its new superphone harder than ever," the tech site added.

The beast that it is, HTC One is fully capable of potentially besting the competitions but winning over Apple and Samsung is a prospect (read: burden) that now rests on HTC's hands, experts said.

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