HTC Plans Premium Water-resistant ‘Plus’ And Plastic-backed ‘Advance’ One M8 Variants

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HTC will be launching two devices of HTC One (M8) variant. Sources told 9to5Google HTC will be rolling out HTC One (M8) Plus and HTC One (M8) Advance very soon.

Previous rumors indicated the Taiwan-based company is planning to launch a series of HTC smartphones later this year, which are HTC One (M8) Ace "Vogue Edition" and HTC One (M8) Prime. But the company has different plans.

HTC One (M8) Plus is the most interesting model. While it is made up of metal, it will be carrying water resistance certification like Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Sources claimed the "Plus" will have a 13 MP camera with optical image stabilization but will be lacking the Duo Camera setup. The display size of the phone is unclear but it will be flaunting a 2K display with highest pixel count to date that is 2560 x 1440 resolution. They also suggested the display screen size will be smaller at about 5.2 inches.  "Plus" will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and 3 GB RAM.

The next high-end device coming from HTC is the One (M8) "Advance." It will feature the same specifications as the "Plus," but instead of a metal body it will show a plastic design. The pricing of both the devices has not been revealed at the moment. But will be featuring with additional color options like its HTC predecessors. The availability of both "Plus" and "Advance" within the same markets is not sure. But both devices will be launched at the same time and "Advance" will be aimed at the Asian markets.

It is clear that both the devices will be launched before Apple's iPhone 6, citing its availability around August or early September. As the tradition goes, HTC will hold a press event to officially release these devices.

Recently, evleaks, the famous leaker had published M8 Prime, which has a full 360-degree feature. But the data provided do not match with the 'Plus' and 'Advance' devices, though there is a possibility that the leaked product could be the same device. It is invalid if coming to any conclusion, it is better if the company clarifies. 

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