HTC One X Androidv4.2 Jelly Bean Update Leaked: How to Install

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The Androidv4.2 Jelly Bean update for HTC One X leaked on the web this week that made a lot of users excited.

Finally, after a full month of tediously waiting for the update and after first going live in Taiwan and Singapore, HTC gave its global servers the nudge over the weekend and pushed the official 4.1 Jelly Bean update out to unlocked One X handsets. As well as the UK, reports are coming in from One X owners in Argentina, India, Russia, and Brazil that they have received the update.

The latest 4.2 version of Android also appeared online this weekend for rooted phones. The unofficial ROM comes from XDA forum member Pabx and already supports most major features, including Wi-Fi, phone calls, GSM data, Audio output and GPS. However, there are also several missing features including no camera support, no Bluetooth and no HD video playback.

The following guide only applies to the One X, and should not be followed for rooting any other phone. As it is based on the stock AOSP version of Android, this ROM removes all HTC-branded apps and interface tweaks usually found on the One X, so you will lose out on the excellent burst photo mode, among other features. Finally, rooting and installing custom ROMs will void your warranty, so proceed at your own caution.

The guide below is for HTC One X devices that already have an unlocked bootloader and ClockworkMod recovery installed - if you haven't done this yet use this fantastic guide over at XDA. Make sure your phone is fully charged to avoid unexpected shutdowns which could brick your device. Download both the 4.2 ROM and the files then connect the phone to your PC.

Below is your guide on how to install the Androidv4.2 Jelly Bean OS in a rooted HTC One X smartphone. This is not the official update, which is rumored to be available anytime soon.

1. Copy the ROM file to the root directory of the phone - you don't need to extract it first.

2. Unzip the file to an easy-to-find folder on your computer - we used C:fastboot.

3. Unzip the ROM folder and copy the boot.img file inside. Save this to the same folder containing

4. Disconnect your phone from the PC. Switch off the phone and boot into bootloader mode, by holding the volume down and power buttons for 10 seconds. Once this has opened use the volume buttons to navigate to the FASTBOOT option and select it by pressing the power button.

5. Connect the phone to your PC. Browse to the folder containing the extracted file and double click on the flash-boot-windows.bat file to flash the kernel onto the phone.

6. Once this has finished, the pop-up window should close, or indicate that it has finished - it's now OK to close it. Tap the power button and choose the BOOTLOADER option. Browse to RECOVERY and select it using the power button.

7. Choose wipe data/factory reset and hit Yes on the next screen. This will only delete your installed apps and settings, but leave the rest of your files untouched.

8. Select Install Zip from SDcard and then hit Choose Zip from SD card. Browse to the ROM zip file that you copied onto the phone and select it. Confirm your choice on the next screen and wait for the ROM to install.

9. Once finished, click Go Back and select Reboot System Now to reboot your phone into Android 4.2.

HTC One X users are delighted as the company finally rolled out the Androidv4.1 version of the Jelly Bean update for the handsets. HTC find it urgent to update their handsets to the latest operating system. Although some users claimed that they have not received yet a notification in their HTC One X smartphones.

According to HTCNews, if you own the HTC One X, you should have received a notification that the new version of the software is ready to be downloaded and installed. If not, you can check manually by going to the settings menu, and then selecting software updates, then check now.

If the phone says there is an update available, simply follow the instructions on screen. It is highly recommended that the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network before you commence the download otherwise it could make a considerable dent in your data allowance as the update is around 365MB.

When you have downloaded the software onto your phone, you will notice that the interface is much faster as a result of 'project butter', which makes more efficient use of the phone's ample processing power.

The update also brings new features like Google Now and a few changes to the on screen Qwerty keyboard and design of menus. It also makes the face unlock feature more accurate than with Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you own a branded handset, the delay is may be due to network operators as they usually test the files themselves to make sure they work with any custom software tweaks before allowing the updates to reach their customers. 

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