HTC One X with Android Jelly Bean Update Faster and More Powerful than Samsung Galaxy S3?

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Reports claimed that HTC One X transformed into a faster and more powerful handset thanks to its Jelly Bean update.

HTC find it urgent to update their handsets to the latest operating system. Thus, it gave it consumers a little boost last month. However, some users claimed that they did not receive a Jelly Bean update in their HTC One X smartphones.

The international version of HTC One X has one of the most powerful chips available - the Tegra 3, which is really fast. However, you may find that animations do not work smoothly and you may see the odd lag. GforGames thinks this is because Ice Cream Sandwich was not customed for the extra cores in the Tegra. The lag will disappear once you updated to Jelly Bean OS.

Early this month, HTC announced that the first version of Google's Android Jellybean is finally heading its way towards the GSM version of One X+ and One X, which has also received the Jellybean upgrade same time last month and recently for the unlocked model overseas, specifically in Asia-Pacific.

According to HTCNews, if you own the HTC One X, you should have received a notification that the new version of the software is ready to be downloaded and installed. If not, you can check manually by going to the settings menu, and then selecting software updates, then check now.

If the phone says there is an update available, simply follow the instructions on screen. It is highly recommended that the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network before you commence the download otherwise it could make a considerable dent in your data allowance as the update is around 365MB.

When you have downloaded the software onto your phone, you will notice that the interface is much faster as a result of 'project butter', which makes more efficient use of the phone's ample processing power.

The update also brings new features like Google Now and a few changes to the on screen Qwerty keyboard and design of menus. It also makes the face unlock feature more accurate than with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Although the newer Android v4.2 Jellybean update has been released, the new update to v4.1 should bring plenty of new features to keep HTC One X owners happy until details regarding the next update are released. Thus, users may see a new update soon.

HTC One X is already one step closer to the 4.2 version of the Android Jelly Bean. It seems like the handset will be the first one to receive the aforementioned update than Samsung's best-selling smartphone.

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