HTC One vs. Apple iPhone 5: Smart Phone Battle on the Camera and Video Recording Feature [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]


HTC One is considered as the Android smart phone that can exceed the expectations of consumers on performance and defeat the other rivals like Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 in the market sales. CNET made a comparison video posted on YouTube to show the HTC One camera and video recording quality against the Apple iPhone 5.

Similar to the Apple iPhone, the HTC One is exquisitely designed with the aluminum detailing on the back and front. The HTC smart phone has the remarkable 4MP UltraPixel camera with 1920x1080p resolution.

HTC One manages to impress in capturing better images or videos compared to the 8MP camera of the iPhone 5. The UltraPixel camera can take colored photographs in low-lighting conditions three times better than the rival smart phones.

According to HTC, the UltraPixel quality has the capability to make the image details "soften up" in the normal shooting mode compared to other smart phone cameras. Another remarkable feature is the HTC Zoe mode that can capture 20 shots plus a 3-second video with just one press on the button.

The HTC Zoe can bring out a glossy moving photo album with music where the HTC owners can feel like making a mini-film out of their smart phone. Additionally, HTC One provides a picture editing feature that has the capability to take the best image of a face from a group picture video then create a brand new still image from it.

AT&T, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA are reportedly scheduled to sell the HTC smart phone this April and the prices will be approximately $200 on a two-year contract. No confirmation comes from Verizon yet as to when they will offer the HTC One and how much will be the price.

Watch below the comparison video of the HTC One and iPhone 5 on the camera and video recording feature recorded in 1080p with settings on auto for both smart phones.

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