HTC One Top 6 Issues and Solutions to Solve Them

HTC One Top 6 Issues are Popping Speaker, Buttons Delay and Charging Time

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HTC One is a remarkable device and gave positive influence to HTC comeback. Unfortunately, some owners suffer several technical problems with the handset such as popping speaker sound, proximity sensor malfunction and unresponsive buttons. Here are ways to troubleshoot and what to do if you own a faulty HTC One.

Digital Trends suggested several solutions to the flaws of the solid smartphone, HTC One.

1.      Background Noise and Static Sound Issue Some owners reported buzzing sound or background static from the speakers of HTC One. The same goes when using the headphones wherein hissing are audible during audio playback. Popping sounds are also happening especially when notifications sound plays. In worst case, the disturbing audio problem persists during voice calls.

Reason: No concrete evidence if either hardware or software is causing this problem. Some owners replaced their devices but ended up with the same crisis.

Possible Solutions: It is not possible yet to entirely remove the problem but you can reduce it by turning off the Beats Audio System from the notifications panel and by disabling the NFC if not in use.

What Else Can You Do: A software update might fix the problem but HTC hasn't released any yet to address the problem. If you cannot wait, contact HTC, the retailer or network carrier and report the issue.

2.      Imperfect Exterior If you purchased an HTC One and it was shipped to you with imperfect exterior such as strange bulges, gaps between metal & plastic, scratches and rough edges - do a straightforward action to address it.

Possible Solutions: Once you received a newly shipped HTC One and its exterior are not pleasant, return it immediately. Contact the retailer where you have purchased it and ask for replacement. If possible do not keep the device for more than a day or use it to avoid being blamed for the physical damages.

3.      Proximity Sensors

This issue happens to few units and the commonly affects capacitive buttons which do not light up.

Possible Solutions: Cover the top left part of the HTC One where the sensors are located and see if the capacitive buttons light up. Download the Android Sensor Box to check if all sensors are working perfectly. If they are not working, have the device replaced.

4.      Home or Back buttons Not Responding Issues about the capacitive Home and Back buttons in either side of the HTC logo has become common. One of the reasons is the screen protector hindering the response time of the buttons and two, a possible software problem which HTC should update to fix it.

Possible Solutions: Tap lock and then unlock or tap on the screen then try the buttons again. It should make the capacitive buttons more responsive. Another way is go to "Settings > Language & Keyboards > HTC Sense Input > Advanced > Calibration tool" and select a very light touch to calibrate. Turn on the "Vibrate feedback" to confirm you're touching the buttons correctly; go to "Settings > Sound" to enable it.

5.      Dead and Stuck Pixels Some pixels won't light up or worse get stuck which stays that way permanently.

Possible Solutions: Download the Dead Pixel Detect and Fix to solve it or get a replacement of your HTC One if the app doesn't work.

6.      Charging at a Longer Time With 2300 mAh battery, some owners find HTC One charging time too long. HTC One may take at least 4 hours to fully charge and HTC made all necessary precautions for the non-removable battery. If the device charges for more than 4 or 5 hours, check the following conditions:

  • USB Charging - USB ports are designed for file transfer not charging a device even there is a power. It will most likely double the charging time of any device you plug on the computer. Use the travel charger provided by HTC.
  • Using a different charger - By standards, use accessories with the same brand as the device but if you do not have your charger, make sure that you are using a non-faulty one for your HTC handset.
  • HTC Charger - If the given charger by HTC is the one faulty, then try chargers which are compatible with HTC One.
  • So Many Apps - More apps, more charging time and less syncing apps running in the background the less time to fully charge the device.

If there are more issues which aren't on the list or solutions you know about these problems, please send your ideas or issues to the XDA Developers Forum for HTC One.

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