HTC One Tips and Tricks for Hiding Apps, Quick Settings, Remote Control, Motion Video and Customisation [Videos]

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If you decided to fulfil your Android experience needs and it made you purchase HTC One, there are things hidden from what your eyes can actually see from this powerful device. Here are 8 tricks you should know about your new HTC One.

1.      Control Your Home screen

You can now modify the home screen in much simpler way than before. Pinch in any home screen and you can use both options for adding panels or widgets. In the same screen, you can also remove other panels or set default home screen.

2.      Remote Control for Your TV Use your HTC One to control TV sets or cable box using its IR Blaster to become a remote control. Launch the TV app and follow the step-by-step guide to pair devices to your HTC One for remote control.

3.      Tap-to-Top When you browse the App menu, Web browser or the Live feeds and reached the bottom part of the page, you can simply tap the top notifications bar to return on the top part of the page.

4.      Applications Drawer You can also customise your apps menu just like you can with your home screen. On the top of the app menu, pull down to find options for customisation. You can sort app lists, hide app icons, grid size and search.

5.      Motion Video Controls Take the 60 frame-per-second capture of the HTC One's camera app and shoot videos in fast or slow motion. Go to the camera app > camera options > video capture > select scene, and choose which one you like to use during the capture - Slow Motion, Fast HD, and Video HDR.

6.      AntTek Quick Settings Use the AntTek Quick Settings to gain access to the Quick Settings provided by Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean firmware. You can customise the toggles using only the free version.

7.      Make the Interface Snappy To make your HTC One react quicker and faster, you can disable some functions under the Developer Options. Go to Settings > Developer Options > Advanced > Animation. Disable the animations for snappy movement of your device.

8.      Disable Applications Some applications are not actually being used and only use memory and battery out of your device. To disable them, go to Settings > Applications > All > Select the application > Disable. Disabled applications will no longer appear on the apps menu and located at the bottom of All Applications list. You can enable them anytime.

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