HTC One to Sell Starting at $US200 on AT&T, Sprint

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The One, that is the HTC One or formerly HTC M7, will hit the United States on March 22 at a starting price of $US200, according to new reports.

HTC Source, a blog site dedicated to HTC gadget news, revealed this week that AT&T and Sprint will pick up the new flagship smartphone from the Taiwanese mobile phone, which means U.S. consumers will be able to snap up the powerful Android handset without forking out too much cash.

For the 32GB model, the HTC One can be had for $US199.99 while the 64GB variant will carry a tag price of $US299.99. It is understood that both AT&T and Sprint will carry the same price levels, maybe differing only in packaging the gizmos with respective plans, HTC Source said.

Earlier reports have suggested that Europe will have a taste of the latest smartphone thrust coming from HTC as the gadget is set to land on selected markets in the continent beginning March 8 prior to its global-wide distribution.

No date is provided until now on when the One will be deployed to Asia-Pacific and other regions but experts expect the rollout to materialise within the same period of its American debut.

Android fans have been waiting to get a hold of the new Android handset, which likely will captivate with its 4.7-inch full HD 1080p screen, a 1.7GHz quad-core CPU working with a 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera shooter and LTE connectivity.

Reports also indicated that HTC will pair JellyBean 4.1.2 with its new Sense 5.0 for a more simplified but efficient smartphone function.

In addition and per HTC Source, "the HTC One will have metal casing with front-facing stereo speakers. The device will be available in both black and silver-white."

HTC has flagged earlier that it will hold an event on Feb 19 and the tech world is expecting the uncloaking of the device previously referred to as the HTC M7. A countdown is currently ticking on the company's official site, pointing to the revelation next week.

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