‘HTC One Up’ Release Date Soon as Alleged Photos Leak Again

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HTC One 2, also known as HTC One Up, release date may be soon as new alleged photos of the device leaked again.

TechRadar reported that a user over at HardForum originally posted the photo claiming that he tested the device. According to the user, there were a lot of to-be-expected bugs since this is an early model. Moreover, the new HTC One is faster than Samsung Galaxy S4.

The user also hinted that HTC One Up will pack a 4MP camera, which he described as "incredible" and "really crisp." The phone sported a dual-rear camera, and the HardForum user described it as "amazing" even though he was unable to try it out.

It seemed that the 2014 edition is a bit larger than the previous generation. Aside from an odd, off-colour ring around the larger back camera sensor, the design of the back matches earlier leaked images. The post was taken down but not before different tech web sites grabbed the said photo.

HTC One Up is reported to be released on Mar. 25 and will pack new features such as dual camera, Kitkat OS and fingerprint sensor. It was heavily rumoured that the next generation of HTC One will pack two cameras at the back. According to Digital Spy, the same camera unit was spotted at the Qualcomm's booth at the Mobile World Congress.

HTC was already rolling out the latest Android OS update to previous HTC handsets. Thus, it is most likely HTC's new handset will pack the new operating system from Google - Android 4.4.2 Kitkat OS. Lastly, HTC One Max already packed a fingerprint sensor. There is a big chance that HTC One 2 will pack the same technology but improve its features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is considered as HTC One 2's biggest rival. Samsung's flagship phone was announced last Feb. 24 at MWC. However, even before its announcement, HTC took a stab on S5. In its tweet ahead the S5 launch, HTC said that consumers who decided to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a buyer's remorse on Mar. 25. Moreover, the tweet has a hashtag of #HTCOneUp, which suggested that the handset will be named HTC One Up. It was previously reported that HTC One 2 will be named HTC M8 or All New HTC One.

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