HTC One M8 Hot Cases and Accessories, Google Play Edition and Dev Versions Detailed

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With the announcement of the HTC One M8, the next order of business would be the check out potential accessories and covers that you can use for when the handset comes out on April 11.

The HTC One M8's Dot View case was leaked way before the handset became official, and even then, it seemed to be both a good and a weird idea for a flip cover case.

Unlike the usual flip cover cases, which merely covers and protects the screen and provides an easy-glimpse window, the HTC One M8 goes for a different way of showing you information on your smartphone.

Android Central reports that there is a magnet located in front of the case so that it can easily transform into a case mode, and when you get notifications, the screen will easily flash the time, the weather, and even the information of the person who is calling.

In addition, answering calls can easily be done through the case despite it being closed, as you only need to swipe up or down to answer or reject the call. It's a cool way to produce a unique case cover given the man variants that are already in the market today.

However, as a practical case, it does have a few disadvantages, staring with the $49.99 price tag. The report also states that the cover, when flipped open, can make typing a bit uncomfortable or would at least need some getting used to.

But if you're getting the HTC One M8 and are interested in a different kind of flip cover case, you can either ge the available gray one or wait for other colours including Imperial Blue, Atlantis, Baton Rouge, Orange Popsicle, and Warm Black.

HTC One M8 protective leather folio

Amazon is also featuring a number of accessories for the HTC One M8, including this protective leather folio case cover.

According to the order page, it is resistant to dust, oil, scratches and abrasions, as it is made of high-quality durable and flexible PC material. At the same time, the case cover comes with a stylus pen, a headphone cord wrap, an anti-dust plug, a cleaning cloth, and a sports wrist band.

Supcase for the HTC One M8: A leather and wallet-type for commuters

If you're on the more practical side, Supcase's premium wallet leather case in black would be the perfect protective accessory.

The material is made of synthetic leather that is tailored to fit the HTC One M8 and with complete access to all the ports and buttons. Since this is a commuter-friendly case, it also comes with credit card or ID slots and a built-in magnet for secure closure.

The case also folds up for possible video-chats or video watching with the HTC One M8. Best of all, the Supcase wallet case has been discounted at only $2.99 plus $.499 shipping, so it will only set you back at $7. However, for now, you can only preorder since the accessory will be in stock come April 15.

HTC One M8 Double Dip case

Going back to the explosive colours in casing, HTC is also featuring the Double Dip cases, which give you a mix of three colours per case. This is because you can mix and match the top and bottom sections of the case.

According to Gotta Be Mobile, you can change the colours of the case on the speaker grills, hence the name double dip. When you order it at $29.99, you can get two extra top and bottom cover pieces so you can have a total of four different looks when you interchange the pieces.

This is only available for preorder in the meantime, but the colours are pretty expansive, including gray, raspberry rose, atlantis, blue, swing blue, light peach, and orange popsicle.

HTC Fetch

Another official accessory of the HTC One M8 is the HTC Fetch. As the name implies, the HTC Fetch lets you find your phone via its ringtone within 15 meters with just a click of a button.

When you pair it with your phone, you'll even get a warning beep in case you leave it behind. In case of losing both your HTC One M8 and the HTC fetch, there will be a map location feature that lets you know where the two devices were last together.

Google Play and Developer editions coming

Apart from the new cases coming in, another bit of news is the confirmation of the two other editions of the HTC One M8, which are the Google Play Edition and the Developer Edition.

The former will have the Android 4.4.2 Kitkat OS, while the latter is targeted for developers who may need a more open access to the HTC One M8. The Developer Edition will not have any contracts with carriers, but will be priced at $649, which is the same as the consumer edition.

However, those who will be opting for the Google Play Edition will be set back $50 more, as it is priced at $699, with the addition of it being unlocked and having a GPE ROM. There are no changes in the hardware for the two other editions when compared to the HTC One M8 consumer model.

According to GSM Arena, the Google Play Edition is already out for preorders over at the Google Play Store, though the developer edition does not yet have any preorder schemes.

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