HTC One M8 in Gold Leaks Ahead of Release Date

By @binibiningkd on

The new HTC One M8 is widely rumoured to be gold-coloured, and a few days ago, HTC gave away invitations to their upcoming March 25 launch event, in which they are awaited to debut and unveil the M8.

According to a trusted tweet from @evleaks, the said device would be named All New HTC One and not the usual HTC One+, HTC Two, or HTC One Two. Not only that, no long after he informed us the name of the device, he posted a picture of gold HTC M8 or in better name the All New HTC One.

We know that @evleaks is a trustworthy source for his detailed and accurate photos, blogs, and news, and the said photo of the gold All New HTC One flaunt a device that doesn't have any buttons, another rumoured feature of the All New HTC One recent weeks.

Now, some reported features of All New HTC One emerged online again. In fact, reports say that it has distinguishable weather widget, as is the date March 25, which further confirms what the invites have suggested. On the back part of the All New HTC One, there are two visible camera holes, which is another reported feature.

For the overall form and design of the All New HTC One, it remains curvy and it has a divided look - a look that is very eye-catchy for the next flagship device of the Taiwanese tech company.

Thus far, it appears that everyone is aware of the upcoming event in March 25, which is the launch of the All New HTC One. More details are yet to emerge and all we have to do at this point is to wait and see what the All New HTC One has to offer us.

At present, rumours say that All New HTC One will be out in the U.S markets in April with three with different flavours to be launched - the iPhone 5s-esque gold, silver and dark grey. 

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