HTC One M8 Cool Features and Tricks for Multitasking, Performance and Personalisation

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HTC One M8 features new power and functionality than its predecessor and so you deserve to know how to maximise this smartphone. Here are several helpful tips to optimise performance, speed up multitasking and ways to customise it.

Compiled from the detailed list of HTC, CNET and Digital Trends, below are the essential things you should know about HTC One M8.

Optimising Performance

1.      You can hide certain apps to clean up the clutter on the App Menu. Go to the App Menu > Hide/Unhide Apps > Select the Apps you want to be hidden.

2.      In order to permanently stop apps and services you don't use at all, go to Settings > Application Manager > All tab > Select an App > Disable. In this way, the RAM will gain more space for other purposes.

3.      Rebooting your device once a day will help free the memory from the last set of tasks. Best combined after every full recharge.

4.      Clear data and cache to remove clutters inside applications. You may do this manually in the Application Manager or use third-party apps such as Clean Master.

5.      Several malicious files are roaming the Internet and if you browse a lot using HTC One M8, download an antivirus and antispyware apps to shield the device. Malware infections can slowdown the device.

Speeding up Multitasking

1.      You can bypass the lock screen to go directly to the home screen. Swipe from right to left during Standby mode or Swipe from left to right instead to proceed to BlinkFeed.

2.      BlinkFeed feature is now customisable which means you can change what feeds should arrive on your device. Feeds can range from social accounts to local television show listings.

3.      HTC One M8 features an infrared port that enables it to be used as a remote control. Go to the HTC TV app and set it up for your TV sets or cable boxes.

4.      Quick Settings contain all the necessary toggles such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and you can access it easily by swiping two fingers downward from the notifications shade.

5.      Gesture controls are supported on HTC One M8 for those who prefer very quick access. HTC released a manual that demonstrated all the gesture controls you need for the smartphone.

Customisating Your HTC One M8

1.      You can get another launcher if HTC Sense 6.0 becomes boring. And if ever you decide on changing back to Sense UI or using a different third-party home launcher, go to Settings > Personalise > Home screen.

2.      For those who don't use social media and feeds, disabling BlinkFeed is not a problem. Pinch two fingers on the home screen > Tap and hold BlinkFeed icon > Drag BlinkFeed to the Remove icon.

3.      If you are tired with the same theme on your BlinkFeed, change it. Go to Settings > Personalise > Theme > Select your new theme.

4.      The icon tray found at the bottom of your device is customisable. You can add folders on the tray which are also accessible at the lock screen. Drag one app to another to create a folder then drag the folder to the icon tray.

5.      The virtual keyboard can perform Swipe-like function on HTC One M8. Go to Settings > Language and keyboard > HTC Sense Input. You may now slide your fingers from a letter to the next to enter a word. 

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