HTC One Android 4.4 KitKat: Top 16 HTC Sense 5.5 UI Changes and Features Included

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HTC One is set to get Android 4.4 KitKat and an updated Sense 5.5 UI. If you own HTC One, here are the top 16 changes you'll get from the latest HTC Sense 5.5.

HTC Sense 5.5 Included in Android 4.4 KitKat Firmware

Aside from default features from Android 4.4, here are the top changes which may arrive on HTC One running Sense 5.5 based on HTC One Max.

1.      BlinkFeed HTC updated the BlinkFeed on Sense 5.5 and it can now be set to task which makes it dynamic than before. Moreover, you can now turn BlinkFeed off if you prefer using Sense 4.0.

2.      BlinkFeed Menu and Controls New controls have been added to the BlinkFeed on Sense 5.5 such as swipe to right for menu that displays various settings and options. In addition, the gesture swipe makes it similar to other Android apps such as Google+ and Facebook.

3.      Facebook Content Scanning Upon signing-in with your new device, you get the option to customise BlinkFeed based on stuffs found on your Facebook page. You can also have quick and easy searches from BlinkFeed.

4.      Filter and Search New top search bar has been added to the new menu alongside with add content and other options. However, the content selections you have chosen are displayed in a ranging down list that you can now filter and trigger refresh for changes. Searching contents are more flexible that before for you can customise the feeds per keywords you want.

5.      Google+ Integration You can now include Google+ in the apps and services section of BlinkFeed and you can also compose for Google+.

6.      International Content Choose editions to show contents appropriate to your current region or add 'editions' or simply decide for international.

7.      Read Later One of greatest additions is the 'Read Later' feature located at the bottom of the current page. Then go to 'Content menu > Read later > Choose the stories you've saved.'

8.      RSS Feeds For any favourite Web site offering feed services, BlinkFeed enables you to add the new source content from the RSS feeds.

9.      Camera and Gallery App Sense 5.5 now brings makeover to the images inside the Gallery app and adopts carousel for navigation. Swipe sideways to events or for 'my HTC shares.' In addition, the images have full-width preview replacing the squares with previews on your camera, downloads and highlights.

10.  Video Highlights Video highlights with Sense 5.5 are easier to control, gets more styles and options to add personalised music. Various gestures are also included and versatility over customisations and editing.

11.  HTC Share HTC now integrated sharing into the galleries and broadcast button for sharing options to SMS, Gmail, Facebook and more.

12.  GIF on HTC Zoe GIF creation is now added to the HTC Zoe for creating moving images with speed selection, direction of play and effects.

13.  Music Player The carousel effect is also included inside the music player app and the drop-down menu has been replaced with swipe across to lessen tapping command.

14.  Quick Settings Customise 12 shortcut toggles from the notifications bar to add data roaming, media output control and more.

15.  Expanded Recent Apps Recent apps list gets expanded with more thumbnails and less black gutter in between.

16.  Scribble App Sense 5.5 features Scribble app which can be used for taking notes, making lists, making cards, sharing pictures and a lot more.

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