HTC One 2014: Verizon Exclusive 2 Weeks After U.S. Release, Carrier Price Tag Leaked

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HTC One 2014's release is much awaited by HTC fans and smartphone geeks alike. But mobile users in the U.S. may not enjoy its first peek to the fullest unless they are Verizon subscribers.

HTC will officially release M8 on March 25. Surfacing rumors suggested HTC's newest flagship will be exclusively offered by Verizon starting on the release date and will last for a couple of weeks. Some reports claimed HTC M8 will only last with Verizon for only 2 weeks.

Verizon's "exclusivity" attempt of the HTC M8 may be a regaining strategy after the previous year's frustration of the subscribers due to the very late release of HTC One M7. Verizon subscribers in 2013 got the taste of M7 several months after the phone's official release, which was too late compared to all other U.S. carriers that debuted the phone right after the manufacturer made it public.

Verizon did not provide a concrete statement about the matter yet. But there is a leak that reveals the pricing of the all new HTC One M8 from the carrier. Confirmed via Verizon's in store computer system, the Verizon Wireless HTC One 2014 may be expected to have a price tag of $199.99 under a two-year agreement. The smartphone is priced $600 for full retail and available in three colors: metal gray, amber gold and glacier silver.

Despite lack of formal announcement, it is safe to anticipate that Verizon or HTC may declare the confirmation of the rumor formally on the release day. Also, Verizon is not the only carrier that showcases bold promotion for the upcoming HTC One 2014. Carriers in the U.S. are getting their customers ready for HTC One M8's release and AT&T is even giving away five of the newest HTC devices for the U.S. market.

If Verizon's exclusivity rumors were true, despite AT&T's March 21-25 giveaways, HTC One 2014 will be offered by the carrier, including T-Mobile and the others, starting from the middle of April. Meanwhile, HTC One 2014 will be available in select UK stores on the very same day of its release.

The HTC One M8 is priced AU$840 for the Australian market.

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