HTC One 2 (M8) Release Date Nears As Sense 6 Update Already Finished

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HTC One 2 (M8) release date may happen very soon. Sense 6 update for the device is already completed, according to XDA developer.

XDA TV Producer and Moderator Shen Ye said HTC is done in the legwork for the Sense 6 update for the rumored HTC One 2. Ye also announced via Twitter that the company is now working on HTC One's update.

HTC One 2 is set to make its debut packing the new version of HTC's user interface subbed as Sense 6, which will be spread over Android 4.4 Kitkat OS.

But there were speculations the UI update for the original HTC One could take months to roll out. The company needs to debug the update and "recompile the update with M7 drivers." Ye added the company needs to "make sure the new Sense 6 apps and frameworks can import Sense 5.5 app datas to avoid force closes after the update."

The duration to complete this process is unknown but a known HTC insider LlabTooFeR confirmed HTC One Sense 6 update will arrive in several months. He speculated the release to happen in either late summer or fall.

Ye noted via tweet the handset will come in four colors, which he said in hex codes #bebebe, #33b5e5, #cc0000, and #414141. These are the same colors of the current HTC One. We can say that HTC One 2 will come in red, black, white and silver color variants.

HTC One 2, also known as HTC M8, is rumored for release next month or March. The company is reported to hold its launching event after its predecessor garnered various awards and recognition last year for being one of the best smartphones in the market. However, HTC has not disclosed any details yet.

HTC One 2 features include a larger 5-inch screen display and Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon processor, including a twin-sensor rear camera with HTC's ultrapixel technology. Another rumored feature of the HTC One 2 is either a full HD screen panel or a 2K screen display. Consumers should also expect 2 GB RAM, 2,900 mAh battery and Sense 6.0 on top of the latest Kitkat OS.

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