HTC Nexus 9 Tablet with Tegra K1 64-Bit Coming Soon

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Customers look at HTC smartphones in a mobile phone shop in Taipei
Customers look at HTC smartphones in a mobile phone shop in Taipei in this July 30, 2013 file photo. Taiwanese smartphone vendor HTC Corp said on May 6, 2014 it projects revenue in April-June to almost match that of a year earlier thanks primarily to sales of new flagship One M8 beating those of its predecessor. REUTERS/Pichi Chuang

The much anticipated Google Nexus tablet HTC Nexus 9 with Tegra K1 64-Bit is coming soon. Codenamed Volantis, the Nexus 9 tablet was revealed by the Android Police with a full image and specs drop.

It appears that NVIDIA booted Qualcomm out of the picture and it looks like the HTC Nexus 9 will be a direct competitor to the iPad Mini.

The HTC Nexus 9 tablet is expected to feature an 8.9 inches 2048 x 1440 resolution display with 281 ppi, which is notably higher than any Apple tablet in the market today. It will weigh 418 g for the WiFi version and slightly heavier 427 g for the LTE version, but it must be noted that the LTE version is still to be discussed.

Thus far, what is known about the HTC Nexus 9 is that it will have an NVIDIA Logan 64-bit processor, which is the 64-bit custom ARM dual-core SoC of NVIDIA. Lots of fans have been anticipating this from NVIDIA and after some delays, it appears that it may finally come in the shape of the new HTC Nexus 9 tablet. Interestingly, the HTC Nexus 9 will only have 2 GB of RAM, which is low for a high-end processor.

On the other hand, the HTC Nexus 9 tablet will have the stereo front-facing speakers similar to most HTC's high-end smartphones and NVIDIA Tegra Note 7. The tablet will also sport a 3 MP sensor front-facing camera and an 8 MP sensor rear camera, which looks pretty similar to the Nexus 5 camera.

The HTC Nexus 9 will be available in 16 GB and 32 GB models, which will cost $399 and $499 respectively. It is notably pricier than the 7 inches version but it will have an aluminium zero-gap construction. This means that this upcoming tablet will be the most premium looking, premium performing and premium feeling Google has made to date.

The HTC Nexus 9 is expected to launch around Q4 of 2014 and if anything, it will probably be quite similar to the launch of the Nexus 5.  

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