HTC to Manufacture Google’s Nexus 8 Tablet

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Google is on its way to make a huge trajectory change with its upcoming Nexus tablet by bringing in a larger 8 inches slate reportedly developed by HTC. This means HTC will design the new Nexus 8 tablet for Google. The expected launch date is sometime between July and September this year.

Before making the switch, Google partnered with Asus for its 7 inches tablet. The search giant also employed Samsung to create its handsets before finding a new partner in LG to manufacture its Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 series.

The two earlier versions of Nexus 7 tablets were received with positive reviews and these became very popular among the users. The larger model with the 10 inches screen did not quite enjoy good reviews and was not a success when it was launched. The new Nexus tablet will have a screen with a diagonal term of 8 inches and will be manufactured by HTC.

But in February, sources said, "HTC will produce a powerful tablet that will be part of the Nexus range, confirming the statements made by manager Peter Chou in October last year when he said that HTC is preparing something beautiful and devastating."

If rumors were true, Nexus 8 tablet will be released in the third quarter of this year. As per the earlier reports, the new tablet's size is 8 inches whereas a previous rumor claimed the new Nexus tablet will come with a screen diagonal of 8.9 inches.

When it comes to smartphones, HTC has a huge fan following and it always gets the cream of the crop review for its flagship phones.

But HTC as a manufacturer has not been very successful in the tablet arena. For example, HTC Flyer did not score well among the critics and users alike. It was a 7 inches tablet which ran on Android's older version. But HTC is not the one to give up. The company tried again to revive its presence in the tablet market by introducing Jetstream model for North American market. But the model bit the dust soon after its release.

According to Culture Mob, HTC was one of the candidates for the realization of the first Nexus 7. But the company management refused because it wanted HTC to focus only on the smartphone unit. Perhaps, HTC realizes the prominence of tablet among users and would like to give it a try one more time.

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