HTC M8 Ace May Position to be HTC M8 Lower Cost Alternative

By @judithaparri on

Apparently, M8 Ace, the upcoming HTC M8 variant, is positioned to be the lower cost alternative HTC handset. Another data regarding HTC M8 has surfaced, indicating reduced price and plastic build.

It was only a few weeks after HTC, a Taiwan smartphone maker, released its new flagship to the market in March, but that does not stop it from releasing another variant with leaks starting to circulate the tech industry. Earlier this month, there was a leak of an "M8 Ace" in pictographic style and there seemed to be not much after that until now.

Engadget reported the build of M8 Ace is a plastic unibody design, as if it will look like it is a cross between the HTC Desire 610's plastic shell and the aluminum-built One M8. Encased in that plastic body is a 1080p 5-inch display, like the HTC One M8, plus a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor.

According to TMTPost, the M8 Ace variant is the device similar to HTC M8 but of different quality. This may also mean One product line with versions in metal plates, plastic, mini and big screen.

The metal body phones have been HTC's pride and the Taiwanese company ridiculed its co-Asian company Samsung for producing high-end phones with plastic body. Four years ago, HTC produced smartphones giving pride to those owning it. But Samsung snatched the limelight these days. For HTC to get things back to where they were, it is quite a difficult challenge.

In the previous year, HTC released Butterfly S, a plastic bodied-smartphone with specs higher than the HTC One M7. But the device was not positioned to be the flagship's lower cost alternative.

Now, the M8 Ace specs seem to rival that of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5. If what we learn in the leaks push through, it will be interesting, especially the price which is about $480. But there is no definite info yet on whether the M8 Ace will also have a duo camera feature like that of M8's.

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