HTC M7 on Course for Feb 19 Unwrapping

HTC M7 Key Surprises Set to be Unleashed?

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Two HTC events will be simultaneously staged in London and New York on Feb 19, that much the Droid DNA maker has confirmed. Almost immediately, the buzz went wild that finally the HTC M7 will arrive following months of frenzied speculation.

The M7 is thought to represent the new breed of smartphones - able to do virtually everything and at the same time feeding on the latest gadget trend of not only consuming digital contents but producing them as well.

These incredible accomplishments will be made possible because as blog reports have been claiming - HTC's new flagship phone is both long in software and hardware attributes, giving it just the right wares to fight its way to the top, where presently Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S3 reign supreme.

The impressive chops making up a powerful gadget are reportedly provided for by HTC to ensure that the M7 will become a success magnet. The smartphone will rollout sporting a 4.7-inch screen that will delight many eyes with its 1080p resolution and further enhanced by pixel density of 468ppi.

Needless to say, HTC engineers did their homework and configured the M7 to exceed what consumers have already experienced through the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. True enough, the barometer of achieving a breakthrough in the current gadget landscape is surpassing what Apple and Samsung can provide.

And HTC intends to do that by packing 13MP camera shooter, long battery life, the latest JellyBean (or Key Lime Pie, maybe) and Sense 5 with the M7, plus bits of major surprises that the world will learn come the Feb 19 unveiling of the device.

According to SamMobile, it is likely that key M7 features remain under wraps and HTC has reserved their uncloaking for next month, actually just weeks away from now.

What could they be? It is a given that the Android world will again toy around with the powerful gizmo in the M7. Likewise, HTC is believe to have performed major revamps on Sense 5, simplifying the skin and making it more responsive to the core demands of the Google platform users.

What Sense 5 has become is definitely an exciting prospect that everyone would love to see. But what other tricks HTC can possibly pull off by launch date?

For many, HTC will effect some sort of a tremor by opting for the Google push via its Nexus product lines. Indeed it will be a major shock if HTC will make its most powerful phone to date easily accessible to everyone.

It makes sense and proven viable via the Nexus 4 model. If HTC would want to trigger a storm of attention for its latest smartphone, selling it cheap is the best marketing technique available to the company.

For sure, buyers would arrive in droves to grab the HTC M7 that sells within the starting price level of the Nexus 4 at $US299.

After its expected February debut, the HTC M7 will reportedly hit store shelves on March 8, HTC Source said in a report, adding that the handset will be offered in black and white.

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