HTC Droid DNA vs. iPhone 5: Will an Underdog Overtake Apple, Again? [VIDEO]

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HTC Droid DNA is currently making quite a fuss in the smartphone market. Will this phablet become a great competitor against Apple's popular iPhone 5?

The Droid DNA is the rumored 5-inch phablet that is not yet official. However, some of its features have leaked out these past few weeks. Many people claimed that the HTC Droid DNA is the international version of the HTC J Butterfly, a smartphone released exclusively in Japan. Verizon hinted that the device will be available in the US via their network.

Apple also released its supreme smartphone last September. The tech giant's iPhone 5 wowed critics at its media launch last September 12.

iPhone 5 features a 4-inch screen, slightly bigger than earlier versions of Apple's device with 1136x640 pixel resolution, 4G/LTE connectivity, and iOS 6 mobile operating system.

HTC is considered as an underdog in the smartphone market. Just like Samsung, the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer releases Android smartphones. Will it finally get its break in the market and climb to the top?

Below is the comparison of some of the specs and features of the two devices.

Screen Display - iPhone 5 boasts its 4 inch screen display with 1280×720 resolution. HTC Droid DNA is an inch bigger with its 5-inch LCD-3 Full HD 1080p Display.

Processor - iPhone 5 has a dual core A6 chip, which will go against 1.5GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor with 2GB of RAM.

Storage - HTC Droid DNA has 16GB of internal storage plus a microSD slot. Apple's smartphone is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants.

Operating System - The HTC Droid DNA is rumored to come with Android's latest Jelly Bean OS. Meanwhile, iPhone 5 is running with iOS 6 mobile software.

Camera - Both devices are equipped with 8MP rear cameras.

NFC - HTC Droid DNA is speculated to support Near Field Communication that iPhone 5 does not include in its handset.

4G/LTE Connectivity - Both are capable to connect to the fastest connection or 4G connection.

Battery - HTC Droid DNA has 2020 mAh battery while iPhone 5 promises up to 9 hours of battery life.

iPhone 5 is already available through various networks. There is no word yet from HTC as to when it will release the rumored mobile phone. However, release date is leaning towards December.

Watch the video of the HTC J Butterfly below.

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