HTC Droid DNA: Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying the new HTC Smartphone

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HTC and Verizon Wireless finally unveiled the rumored smartphone HTC Droid DNA and its amazing specs and features that make other smartphones bite the dust.

The much talked about HTC Droid DNA was finally introduce at a press event Tuesday in New York. Although not a perfect smartphone, its pixel-dense display and body design are surely up for competition.

Rumors said that the new HTC Droid DNA is a phablet. However, HTC denied the rumor and insisted that the DNA is a smartphone.

Most modern features such as NFC, 4G/LTE connectivity, latest OS as well as sleek and thin design are included in the new handset of HTC.

The new HTC Droid DNA boasts 5-inch 1080p HD Super LCD3 display. It included 440 pixels per inch like the iPhone 5 and puts most other smartphone displays to shame. The DNA runs Google's Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and includes HTC's Sense 4.0+ user interface overlay.

Unfortunately, HTC Droid DNA is available only in the US. Verizon Wireless will be the only network that will offer the device through its plans.

If you are impressed with the specs and features of the new HTC Droid DNA and consider buying one, it comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

Below are the five reasons why you should consider buying HTC Droid DNA.

  1. Impressive screen display - HTC Droid DNA packs the Full HD 5 inch screen display. There are no other 1080p HD smartphones available in the U.S; the Droid DNA is the first to offer such a high-resolution screen. The device includes the amazing 440 ppi.
  2. Powerful processor - HTC Droid DNA is powered by a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor clocked at 1.5 GHz
  3. Higher pixel on front camera - HTC has carried forward the same 8-megapixel main camera it has used on most of its high-end devices this year. The user-facing camera can capture 2.1-megapixel images.
  4. Beats Audio - Of course, this new smartphone from HTC will also include Beats Audio.
  5. Software customizations - HTC's software customizations include themes and profiles to help personalize the device, as well as faster boot times.
  6. Price - The device costs just $199.99 with a new two-year contract, which is way cheaper than buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

In contradiction, HTC Droid DNA is not flawless. It also include some disappointing specs and features. What is more frustrating is its limited availability preventing people from other countries in enjoying the perks of the new device. Here are the five reasons why you should pass the new device from HTC.

  1. Limited storage - The DNA also has limited storage. It holds just 16 GB without the expandable storage unlike what rumors said.
  2. Battery life - HTC Droid DNA's battery is a meager 2,050 mAh, which is enough for average users but not for heavy duty users.
  3. Availability - Verizon Wireless is the only network operator selling the DNA and is available only in the US. It can be pre-ordered starting Tuesday and will ship beginning November 21.
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