HTC Butterfly: How to Gain Root Access and How to Unroot

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The HTC transformation made on the Butterfly proved a lasting impression with its 5-inch, 1080p HD display and 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor. In addition to its powerful performance, HTC installed two amazing cameras snapping quality images regardless of lighting conditions. HTC Butterfly would become more powerful with Root Access!

This simple guide is designed for rooting the HTC Butterfly X920D model.

Disclaimer: The developer is not responsible for any damages or bricking of the device. It is at your own risk to perform the rooting procedure.

1.      Unlock the bootloader by going to HTC Dev link.

2.      Download the TWRP recovery and unzip it to your computer, then flash it to your device.

3.      Get the root access SuperSU zip file and download it to your computer. 

4.      Copy SuperSU file to your SD card.

5.      Reboot to TWRP recovery mode.

6.      From the TWRP recovery menu, choose the SuperSU zip file and install it.

7.      After the installation, reboot the device.

8.      Check the applications menu and SuperSU will appear in the list. Well done.

For the video guide on how to unlock the Bootloader, a sample for the HTC Droid DNA is available. Visit the original thread if you have any comments or problems during the root access procedure.

Just in case you want to revert back to the original unrooted version of the HTC Butterfly with the stock ROM, follow the tutorial below:

1.      Download the stock RUU image and rename it to after the download.

2.      SDK and drivers are required for the unrooting procedure, view here first before proceeding.

3.      Once you already have the needed drivers, extract the folder and copy the stock RUU image zip to the directory where the drivers are located.

4.      Reboot the device to bootloader. Press Volume down key and the Power key.

5.      Connect the device to the computer while in the bootloader. Normally, the phone should say "fastboot USB'", if not select "fast boot" on the phone.

6.      Open the command prompt and browse to the folder containing the ADB files.

7.      Enter the following command: fastboot erase cache

8.      Continue even there is not text output and enter the next command: fastboot oem rebootRUU

9.      The device will go into the RUU mode. Wait for 30 seconds and enter the next command:

fastboot flash zip

10.  An error may prompt you: FAILED (remote: 90 hboot pre-update! Please flush image again immediately)

11.  Repeat the command in step 9 only.

12.  The flash will begin and progress is displayed. Once completed, enter this command:

fastboot reboot

13.  You are back to the original state of the HTC Butterfly.

Feel free to post any comments to the thread of the developer here.  

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