How will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Spend Valentine’s Day? [PHOTOS]

What will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Do on Valentine’s Day. Here are the top five ways Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can spend V-Day.


Kristen Stewart has been reported flying to Australia to be with her hunk beau, Twilight actor, Robert Pattinson. The news came following reports that the actress has been feeling “neglected” and that regular phone calls and raunchy “Skype dates” were not enough to fill the gaps as she has terribly been missing and longing for Rob now filming Down Under.

Like any woman in love, one would do anything and everything to be with someone she loves. Robert can’t fly back to the states since he is scheduled to film the drama film “The Rover” for seven weeks. With production at the South Australia that began only on January 31, the actor is expected to stay at the Australian Outback until third week of March this year.

The beautiful Twilight star has just recently been cast to play a sexy muse in a drama-comedy film, “The Big Shoe,” and she has yet to begin filming for her role as Delphi.

While waiting for Rob, Kristen has kept a very low profile in Los Angeles and decided to stay indoor until her next film project

This means that the actress would have to jet to Oz. The actress has had the time in her hands since Rob started filming in Australia and she has been left behind patiently waiting for the British hunk in their L.A. home.

Millions of Tween fans would hate to see Kristen spending the Valentine’s Day alone. So, here are the five ways the Twilight lovers can spend their time together on Valentine's Day.

1. Get each other expensive presents. Kristen has been known to showering Robert expensive gifts. The Twilight hunk could get her one of the best and elegant gifts that can be found in Southern Australia. Adelaide has a lot of places for nice gifts that Kristen would love to bring back to the states.

2. Have a European Vacation The Twilight lovers may opt to go to London again. They spent Thanksgiving in London last year, shortly after they rekindled their very tumultuous and high-profile split last summer. A nice and quiet place in London could be a place for the lovers to get together and keep the love alive.

3. Have a romantic day in Aussie tourist spots Though a travel to their favorite spot in London is one big option for Robert and Kristen, the celebrity couple can decide to stay in Australia and explore the outback. Robert’s latest film, “The Rover” is set at the Australian desert. It would be fun for Rob to treat his girl by getting her dusty in the Australian Outback. To check out other places Robsten can go on Valentine’s Day, click here.

Though this may sound appealing, the lovers could also spend Valentine’s Day in the very expensive but very beautiful Great Barrier Reef. Having been declared both the highest paid actor and actress in Hollywood, the lovers can sure afford it. It would be fun to walk the same white, fine sand threaded by the Royals on their honeymoon, right?

4. Watch concerts at the Sydney Opera House Robert may also choose to bring his love at Australia’s Sydney Opera House and walk her at the romantic, magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge. This could be a perfect spot to go down on his knees and ask her to marry him. The couple has been reported planning an Australian wedding, a romantic dinner by the Sydney Harbor could not go wrong for Robert and Kristen.

5. Talk about their troubles and how they will put the past behind them After all the places lined-up and things they could possibly do, Robert and Kirsten can also just decide to stay in, snuggle and have a passionate talk, and settle things once and for all.

The Twilight lovers have been embroiled in conflicting and differing reports in the last two weeks: from a trial separation, to getting married in Australia and breaking up for good. This writer suggests a romantic date at the Great Barrier Reef as they have their quiet and passionate talks and decide to put their past behind them, as nothing and no one can break true love.

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