How ‘The Walking Dead’ Manages to Beat the Hell Out of 2014 Sochi Winter Games?

By @MazumdarTarun on

"The Walking Dead" is the undisputed champion on TV. Not even 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics could beat. "TWD" managed to beat the ratings of the game three weeks in a row. For those who follow the show know that AMC's hit TV series is one hell of a show in the horror genre.

In the ratings department, "The Walking Dead" wins the 18-49 demographic with each new season or mid-season premiere beating the last record as opposed to dropping in the ratings.

The question is how a show like "The Walking Dead" which features zombies and a bunch of survivors beat important sport events like Sochi Winter Olympics.

This show is not just a horror show with the traditional kill-that-zombie-and-move-on setup. It is beyond walker slaying. Fans love the ongoing storyline of "The Walking Dead." The show does not end the excitement in a one-hour format. Also, it allows the fans to connect with the characters at an emotional level. Fans care about the lives of their favourite characters. Numerous tissue boxes were emptied when Hershel Greene was brutally beheaded in "The Walking Dead" season 4, mid-season finale episode.

The show is also quite versatile in the zombie genre. According to a report on Time, the viewers can get a lot of hidden meaning from "The Walking Dead" characters.

The most important of all is the short run of each season. "The Walking Dead" seasons consist of 16 episodes divided into two chunks. Also, after the end of one chunk, the next starts after months. It helps to build the curiosity and prevents the audience to get bored of the show.

Coming back to "The Walking Dead" shadowing 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Deadline reported that the show's season 4, episode 11 earned a 6.6 rating with 8.4 million viewers in the 18-49 bracket, while the Winter Games' finale managed to score only 3.2 with 4.09 million viewers in the same bracket. 

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