How To Update HTC One E8 with TWRP Custom Recovery

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TWRP is possible to be installed on the HTC One E8 smartphone and enable usage of custom recovery settings, default partitions to backup, multiple zip flash, auto restore of Google Apps zip file and auto reboot after successful flash.


1.      Create a manual backup of personal settings and data files stored on HTC One E8 smartphone.

2.      Battery level should be at least 50 per cent to avoid power interruptions.

3.      Enable USB debugging mode on HTC One E8.

4.      Download and install the necessary USB drivers for HTC One E8 on the computer.

5.      Unlock the bootloader of HTC One E8.

6.      Download and set up the ADB and Fastboot with Android SDK tools on the computer.

7.      Download the TWRP image file on the computer.

Warning: We are not responsible for any error which may occur on the device. Read and follow the instructions to avoid damaging the smartphone. Unlocking the bootloader will remove any active warranty. Do this at your own risk.

Flashing TWRP

1.      Connect the HTC One E8 smartphone to the computer using a USB cable and let the USB drivers to be installed. Make sure that the ADB and Fastboot with Android SDK are all set up on the computer.

2.      Copy and paste the twrpe8t.img file to the android-sdk-windows/platform-tools directory on the computer.

3.      Reboot the device into Bootloader mode. Open the android-sdk-windows/platform-tools folder directory then open a Command Window. Use Shift + right-click then select Open Command Window to do this. Type in "adb reboot bootloader" without the quotation marks on the Command Window.

4.      Select the Fastboot Mode once the device reboots into Bootloader Mode.

5.      On the Command Window, enter "fastboot flash recovery twrpe8t.img" without the quotation mark.

6.      Choose Recovery Mode from the menu after the image file has been flashed. It should open the TWRP Recovery Mode menu.

7.      After exploring throughout TWRP custom recovery, go back and select reboot system now to boot the device normally.

For comments and issues, kindly send your feedback to Team Android TWRP for HTC One E8 Web page.

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