How to Uninstall Android Apps

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Some Android tablet and smartphone users have problems with some apps taking up so much space on their device and ask the question how to uninstall Android apps?

Be it a video or NFL app, or those MyATT or AT&T Navigation apps, people want them gone. Majority of U.S. carriers add "bloatware" apps, which can't be uninstalled. That might be the most convenient way, but it's not really the best. Basically, anything you download may be uninstalled. Here are the steps that will guide users on how to uninstall Android apps.

How to Uninstall Android App Step-by-Step Instructions

Uninstalling apps will be the first goal, maybe many of your apps installed on your Android smartphone or tablet is not useful already and you'd just like them gone. The first step is not the quickest, but it's the most efficient in the long-term.

1 - Go to Settings by looking for the gear-shaped icon in notification bar, app tray or by going to Menu and choosing settings.

2 - Look for "Apps" or "Applications" then select it.

3 - There you can see downloaded, all, downloaded and disabled options available. Be careful not to uninstall apps from the running tab, because it may cause problems with your device. Instead focus on downloaded.

4 - Now choose the app that you wish to uninstall. Basically, the best way to uninstall the app is to choose the app and make sure to tap on clear cache and the clear data buttons, afterwards, tap uninstall button to finish.

After following the steps on how to uninstall Android apps, that it will uninstall the app you chose, and you are done. The app is now gone forever and the clear cache and data is not needed already. But you can still use this option to remove tiny bits of data that are left behind once the app has been completely deleted. This final step can leave your device clean and running seamlessly.

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