How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Running Android 4.4.2 KitKat XXUFNG1 Firmware

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Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 running the official Android 4.4.2 KitKat XXUFNG1 is possible to be rooted and users will need ChainFire's rooting tool kit, a computer and the ODIN flash tool.


1.      Use this rooting procedure to the Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 with firmware version XXUFNG1 only.

2.      Create a manual backup of all data files and personal settings stored on Galaxy S4 before rooting the device.

3.      Battery level must be at least 50 per cent to avoid power interruption during the installation.

4.      Enable USB debugging mode on the Galaxy S4 smartphone.

5.      Download and install the necessary USB drivers for the handset on the computer.

6.      Download ChainFire's Auto-Root tool for Android 4.4.2 KitKat to the computer.

7.      Download the ODIN flash tool to the computer.

Warning: We are not responsible for any errors which may occur on the Galaxy S4. Read and follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the device. Root access will also trip the Samsung Knox and remove any active warranty. Do this at your own risk.

Gaining Root Access:

1.      Extract the ODIN flash tool executable file and ChainFire's Auto-Root to an easy access location on the computer.

2.      Turn off the Galaxy S4 then reboot it into Download Mode. Press and hold the volume down, home and power keys at the same time till the Android logo appears.

3.      Launch the ODIN flash tool executable file on the computer.

4.      Connect the smartphone using a USB cable and check if the ID:COM on the ODIN flash tool turns yellow. If not, install the necessary USB drivers as mentioned above.

5.      On the ODIN flash tool, click on PDA then select the file ""

6.      Check the AUTO REBOOT and F.RESET TIME on the ODIN flash tool.

7.      Hit the START button to begin installation process.

8.      During the rooting process, the smartphone will reboot automatically into Recovery Mode to install the necessary files and the ID:COM should turn green.

9.      Once the installation process has been completed, it should reboot automatically which may take up to five minutes before reaching the home screen.

10.  After the device has reached the home screen, it can now be disconnected from the computer.

11.  Check the root access status of the device by downloading the Root Checker app at the Google Play Store.


In some cases, the device won't reboot automatically into Recovery Mode which prevents the root installation process.

-          Remove the battery unit then reinsert it back and redo the entire process but leave the AUTO REBOOT option unchecked on the ODIN flash tool this time.

-          Manually reboot the device into Recovery Mode. Remove the battery then reinsert it back, press and hold the volume up, home and power keys at the same time to proceed into Recovery Mode.

For bugs and issues, kindly send your feedback to the Team Android Galaxy S4 I9500 rooting page.

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