How Red Colors Unbalanced Your Mind

How Does Color Influence Us
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Studies have revealed that Red color is unbalancing your mind. But red colored pills are considered more stimulant than other colored pills. The study also revealed that certain colors in the pills can make a patient more vibrant. Red pills are more powerful than the blue pills. If the sleeping pill is blue, it gives faster sleep than the orange pills. The study also reveals that a red pain killer works faster than blue, yellow, green etc. The colors can change our mood and attitude. For instance red makes us unhappy and enables us to provoke easily. But it is increasing ones sexual desire. The ladies with red lipsticks are attracting more men than any other color applied on their lips. Chromo therapy is a branch of alternative medicine dealing with how color influences our mind and mood. A study conducted last 2004 revealed that football team with red color dress have the chance to win the match than the other colored dressed team, Telegraph reports.

The study also show that even the average good looking women with red color dress were mostly attracted by the men than the light colored dressed ladies with good looking. Studies that were released from 1970 stated the prisoners who are accommodating the pink colored cells seemed to be weaker than the people in red colored cells. Basically, people are using light colored shades to paint the wall that seems more comfortable to our minds and moods, BBC reports.

It means the players with red cloths seemed more aggressive and dominated than the other colored dressed players. When the scientists researched on the influence of colors at the 2004 Olympics, they came to know the people who were wearing red kits are more powerful than the blue kits. Color may change our mind and mood, but it does not exist in the world, Beau Lotto, a neuroscientist at University College London said. "Blue isn't a property of denim, or skies, or oceans, but of how our eyes interpret a particular set of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation that is visible to light. Red is not a property of blood or cocktail dresses but how our eyes interpret another, longer set of wavelengths", he said.

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