How to Prolong Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

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Despite the speedy progress in smartphone technology, there is one problem that appears to have no solution yet: short battery life. Nokia 3210 used to last five days without recharging. However, this gadget did not have the specifications offered by today's latest mobile phones.

To fully enjoy your smartphone, you need to find out what causes its fast battery drain. Below are a few tips from to prolong your smartphone's battery life.

Reduce the brightness of your display. You might think that bigger and brighter screens are better. Unknown to most smartphone users, this contributes to rapid battery drain. Reduce the brightness of the display to fully utilize your battery's life. 

In addition, using the automatic brightness settings drains your battery. This requires constant use of the phone's sensor, which further shortens your phone's battery life.

Lessen streaming videos or playing games. When you are outside and you don't have a power bank with you, it is not advisable to play high-end video games or watch high-definition movies. It can cut your battery life by 50 percent.

Switch to Airplane mode or connect to a Wi-Fi network when in an area with no service. When the data connection is on, your device continuously searches for signal. This is one of the reasons why your battery is drained rapidly when in an area with inconsistent signal.

Turn off your Bluetooth or your Wi-Fi when not in use. Leaving your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on contributes in draining your battery life. When there is no available Wi-Fi connection or you do not necessarily need your Bluetooth, it is best to toggle them off.

Minimal use of geotagging features will also help in prolonging the life of your battery.

Use apps that would prolong your battery life. There are available applications for Android phones that help in power saving.

Juice Defender helps you manage common connections like mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can even choose which apps can keep your screen on.

Go Battery Saver and Power Widget allow you to enable or disable features for longer battery life. You can also determine which apps eat up more energy. 

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