How ‘Parkland’ Star, Zac Efron, Could Have Been Hollywood’s Next Big Drug Tragedy

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Has Vanessa Hudgens got something to do with Zac’s newly revealed drug addiction? He was feared to have been the next Cory Monteith and Heath Ledger if Zac Efron didn’t get a kick on the seat of his pants and decided to seek for help. 

The problem was initially said to be alcohol drinking but recent reports claim it was more than just drinking problem.  Zac was reportedly out of control, even went on drug binge - - snorting cocaine, dabbling with MDMA and getting high with “hillbilly heroin” with no sleep for four days.

From cocaine, MDMA (with streename "molly") and hillbilly heroin, Zac had it all. Reports are saying that the “Neighbors” star began a downward spiral after his split from girlfriend of four years, Vanessa Hudgens.

He would get high, describing himself “rolling” for days, and things went out of control for the Hollywood hunk, who rose to fame for his clean-cut role in the “High School Musical.”

It was not certain if he would stop had he not collapsed following a drug binge and a wild night on a painkiller called, oxycodone.

Citing witnesses claims, the Daily Star UK noted that things went bad to worse for Zac in January at a New York hotel. The actor allegedly would not let anyone in if they failed to hand him drugs.

“If he didn’t have such a need for the oxy, I don’t think he would have let us come into the room,” the witness said, according the Daily Star UK.

“He was like a junkie. He wanted the drugs so bad, and this was the only way he could get them."

He knew he was “entering a dangerous zone,” added the source, but there was no stopping Efron.

His addiction to drugs apparently began almost three years ago - - at least according to claims in recent reports. Mail Online noted that a source recounted seeing Efron snorting cocaine on a trip to Las Vegas in 2010. He was just then out of his five-year romance with Vanessa.

"They were snorting coke and pulled an all nighter at the strip club, they went straight from the strip club to a pool party at like, noon," the source said, according to Mail Online.

But things got more regular for Zac and drug-related sleepless nights became longer. He was reportedly up until 5 p.m. the following day, even if his friends had all hit the sack 12 hours before he would.

Unlike other stars, however, Efron was able to keep his addiction under wraps, and no one would know he was into some troubles. It was either he was good at hiding it, or he was lucky enough not to get caught.

Not too lucky, though. Mail Online noted that Zac failed to separate his professional life from his addiction while promoting “The Lucky One.” Saying that his partying and drugs must have taken a toll that he allegedly had to take Adderall pills “to perk him up,” while promoting the film at conferences.

"People on set thought he was acting weird,” Male Online's mole revealed.

But his “Parkland” co-stars could not be happier to hear Efron seeking for help.

"The fact that he's seeking help only says great things about him,” said Marcia Gay Haden, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Let’s just hope no photo of the actor will come out, showing him passing out at the Thompson Hotel in New York in January 2013. It is not certain if his fans may be able to reconcile Zac, the squeaky clean star for “High School Musical” and the one described by sources as “junkie” going out on drug binge for days at a time.

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