How To Organize A Valentine’s Day Party For Singles

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During Valentine's Day, many people are reminded of their "single status." This day is not only meant for cheesy couples. Even singles can also have a lot of fun.

You can invite your single girl or boy buddies and have a party. On this special day, singles don't have to sit at their homes and sulk the whole day. They can actually have a fun time.

A Valentine's Day party for singles is a great opportunity to meet new people. Invite your friends and ask them to come with their own friends to your party.

Start by making a lovely Valentine's Day invite card for your friends and their friends. Be humorous. You can also include the number of persons one can invite. Do not forget to inform them it is a party meant for "singles."

KISS For Food

Keep it simple and silly. Serve easy-to-cook appetizers and ensure they are also easy to eat. You don't want a messy place to clean after the party. Kababs are delicious both meat and veggie. Try to serve bite-sized appetizers. Stay away from food rich in onions or garlic. You don't want spoil the night for someone who might get lucky that night.

Theme Party For Valentine's Day

You can mix the singles and Valentine's Day themes. Create an interesting theme. Ask your guests to dress accordingly. You can try themes like salsa nights, flower powers, or jazz it up.

Decorate the Place But Avoid Using Red

You can avoid the red color and instead use fun, bright colors like yellow. Make your house look inviting and not overwhelming. Keep it warm. You can put yellow bulbs. In the music department, you can have a mix of dance numbers and relaxed songs. Keep the volume of music at a level so that people can hear each other and talk comfortably.

The main point of organizing a Valentine's Day party for singles is to make them feel special and not alone on that day. 

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