How Obesity, Which Causes Asthma, Can Be Tackled With the Right Diet

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The link between obesity and asthma is comparatively new and the research is still ongoing to confirm the connection between the two. While weight loss is the easiest explanation for those suffering from obesity-related asthma, a well balanced nutritious diet too can not only help in losing weight but also assist in fighting asthma.

According to researchers at the Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC), leptin, a hormone and a protein made by fat cells, responsible for bone mass and energy metabolism, also manages and regulates airway diameter. It is found that extremely high or low body weight leads to bad lung function and bronchoconstriction. One of the findings by few of the reputed doctors from across the globe stresses on the fact that since obese people have under expanded lungs, they take small breaths, which in turn make their lung airways narrower. The swelling of the airway and inflammation trigger asthma attacks.

While there are drugs and medicines to control and correct asthma in overweight people, it has also been found that a strict and well-balanced diet, rich in Vitamin C, E, B6, Quercetin, Rosmarinic Acid, Omega- 3 fats, carotenoids, magnesium and potassium goes a long way in reducing weight and controlling asthma.

Let's take a look at the diet that can help prevent asthma and control obesity...

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is found in peppers (Yellow Bell Peppers), guavas, dark green leafy vegetables, kiwi, brocolli, strawberries, citrus fruits (oranges), cooked tomatoes, peas and papaya, to name a few. A study by researchers from the Arizona State University has proved that consuming food rich in Vitamin C burn 30 per cent more fat while exercising in comparison to those who do not have food rich in Vitamin C.

Vitamin E: Few of the food rich in Vitamin E include tofu, cooked spinach, nuts, sunflower seeds, avocados, shellfish, olive oil, cooked broccoli and squash and pumpkin, among others. Along with Vitamin K, Vitamin E works together to produce red blood cells and helps in muscle function. Hence, Vitamin E helps improve the overall fitness of an individual.

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, can be found in sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts, cooked tuna, cooked turkey and chicken, cooked lean pork and beef, dried fruits, bananas, avocados and cooked spinach. B6 help increase metabolism and also thyroid activity, leading to higher metabolic rate. This, in turn, helps increase energy and assists in weight loss.

Quercetin: Found in many fresh fruits and vegetables (apples, onions, citrus fruits, parsley, tea and red wine among many others), Quercetin is known to prevent obesity-related illnesses.

Others: Rosmarinic acid, omega-3 fats, carotenoids, magnesium and potassium are found in sweet potato, carrots, melon, sweet red peppers, cooked peas, rice bran, bean, cooked corn and pasta, among many others.

The various fruits, vegetables and nuts listed here are known not only for preventing and controlling asthma and obesity, but it can also save life and prevent cancer and other heart-related illnesses.

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