How to Make the Most out Your Nexus 5: Tips And Tricks

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The Nexus 5 is Google's current flagship. Many agree that if people want the genuine Android experience then they should get a Nexus device. For those who already got their hands on the Nexus 5, here are some tips and tricks on how to maximize the unit. There are also some features that users may not have encountered yet which promises to be worthwhile. 

Be productive

-Go to the apps section and look for the new QuickOffice section. The app can allow users to create, view, and edit existing files like Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, and Word Documents. Google acquired the QuickOffice app under it thus ensuring it is highly compatible with the Nexus device. 

Launch the Camera quickly

-Smartphones are now considered primary alternatives to traditional cameras. People always use their phones to capture images and moments they want to share with other individuals. Launch the camera on the Nexus quickly by swiping right from the lockscreen. 

Get the KitKat Easter Egg

-This feature is just for fun but it can still be interesting to play with it. To get the KitKat Easter Egg, go to Settings >About phone > tap on Android Version repeatedly until the big letter K appears. Have a little fun with the feature before seeing the Android logo, KitKat style. 

Include widgets to the lock screen

- Go to the lockscreen of the device and swipe left. This will reveal the option for adding widgets. Through this, people can select their notifications, latest tweets and email without accessing the locked phone. The widgets must be enabled. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Enable Widgets. 

Search business phone numbers easily

-There are apps that are dedicated to looking for services or restaurants. These aren't necessary on the Nexus 5 because users can access their phone's dialer. Then search for the name of the shop or the restaurant. The dialer will provide relevant results matching what the user is searching for. This feature also works when identifying caller IDs on incoming calls from unknown numbers.

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