How to Make Her Giddy and Say Yes to Your Valentine Proposal (VIDEO)

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Men, beware! If you're already a hundred percent sure she is already the one, but can't seem to figure out how to pop the big question to her, along with the works, then you ought to know that women start losing patience after two years and half into a relationship and would almost always dump a man who hadn't proposed after five.

So prolong your chances no more. A surefire way to get her say yes would also be to make sure to propose on Valentine's Day and preferably on a deserted beach.

In a survey commissioned by drinks brand Lambrini, it found women's confidence to always find a match rings high on the horizon, so much so that when their men still haven't gotten to kneeling down in her front by the time their relationship has gotten into its fifth year, 49 per cent said they would gladly dump them than wait longer. In fact, one in four women, of the 2,000 included in the survey, believed that men should already be thinking about marriage just 24 months into the relationship.

Men should also make certain to include the perfect ingredients and set-up to ensure a loud yes to his proposal. One in four women, or 22 per cent, still dreamily envision a Valentine's Day proposal situation. To further hype up her excitement, men do remember to include in the criteria for judging the element of surprise which is rated 32 per cent, a romantic setting which gets a 21 per cent and to get down on one knee listed as 20 per cent. 

And regardless of the state of marital affairs in the world today, one in four women said marriage proposals remain the biggest commitment their partners can make, at par with having a child together.

An overwhelming majority likewise said they believe it is best to live together first before getting hitched.

These women also believed the forthcoming marital union would survive longer if their partners has had previous partners before settling down, preferably between eight to ten.

Some Valentine wedding proposals below:

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