How is Kristen Stewart Coping With 'Robert Pattinson Dating Nettie Wakefield Rumor'

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Amidst the rumors of Robert Pattinson flirting with Nettie Wakefield, Kristen was seen taking a drive with her BFF CJ Romero. Is Kristen in need of a friend?

We are not surprised to see Kristen Stewart spending some friend time. After all who won't need a friend when your former flame hooks up with another girl?

Since the beginning of the holiday season, Robert Pattinson has been spotted everywhere from London to New York. The sad part is that in spite of various rumors, Kristen and Robert were not seen together. There was speculation that Kristen and Robert may spend the New Year together but the lovebirds rung into New Year separately.

After Robert Pattinson was spotted getting close to a British Nettie Wakefield, on Jan. 6 Kristen drove around with CJ in a very casual outfit. Stewart wore a backwards hat, white t-shirt, and sunglasses.

According to, "The picture shows the two friends involved in a deep conversation." Hopefully, Kristen is not discussing anything about Robert and has better things to discuss with her friend. CJ even accompanied Kristen Stewart to Berlin where she was shooting for "Sils Maria."

Regarding Robert Pattinson dating rumors with Nettie The Sun Newspaper reported, "They were at a club and a very touchy-feely [out in London]. They were trying to keep a low profile but Rob teased Nettie by messing with her hair and they had a flirty play fight. Afterwards they were giggling like teenagers."

If the dating rumors of Pattinson and Nettie deem true, then we wonder what will happen to Kristen.

Some time back it was also speculated that Kristen Stewart might be getting close with her "Camp X-Ray" star Lane Garrison. They were rumored to have moved into one apartment during the shooting of the film.

Let us know what do you think about the all the drama going in Kristen's and Rob's life. Are they going to get back together or will they move on with different partners?

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