How Kristen Stewart Cope with Loneliness while Robert Pattinson is Filming in Australia [PHOTOS]

Kristen Stewart "Reaches Out" to Rupert Sanders, Making Robert Pattinson "Furious"


A big can of worms has been opened amidst reports that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting married while Liberty Ross is filing for divorce from her director husband, Rupert Sanders.

As millions of tween fans have just been getting used to and excited about the news with the Twilight idols tying the knot in the beautiful island of Australia, reports are coming out with Kristen reaching out to the Snowhite and the Huntsman director.

Citing a report by the Heat magazine, noted that Kristen was feeling “neglected” by Robert that she decided to get in touch with the director and “allegedly invited him for coffee.”

“Kristen was feeling low - the lowest she’s ever felt - when Rob flew to Australia. She doesn’t have a huge circle of friends. Rob was the closest person to her,” the source told the magazine.

The source added, “So, when he left, she reached out to Rupert to see if he was OK, and suggested meeting for a coffee.”

No official statement was given from K-Stew’s camp as of yet. Neither was there any word from R-Pattz, who is now busy filming at the Australian Outback for his latest project, “The Rover.”

Worse, there could be no chance for Kristen and Robert to straighten it out following reports that the Twilight actor will be shooting for another film, “Blacklist” after he’s done filming “The Rover” Down Under.

Kristen has reportedly felt alone, longing for Robert that not even their regular phone calls and Skype dates could bridge the gap. There’s an 18-hour difference between Australia and L.A. where K-Stew is based while R-Pattz is away.

“It seemed like Kristen was just blindly trying to do something to ease her pain. When Rob found out she’d contacted Rupert through a mutual friend, he was upset Kristen would even go there.”

The report also said: “He wasn’t jealous. He was just incredulous.”

Let’s just hope for the light at the end of the tunnel and the wedding at the beautiful Australia pans out instead. Let no rumors break the love between the Twilight lovers. The two have been together since the early part of filming the Twilight series, though later confirmed. Robert welcomed Kristen with open arms in October last year despite the cheating scandal Kristen got into.

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