How to Know You’re Suffering from Depression and Get Rid of It

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File photo of actor Robin Williams arriving for the European premiere of "Happy Feet " at the Empire cinema in London
Actor Robin Williams arrives for the European premiere of "Happy Feet " at the Empire cinema in London in this file picture taken November 26, 2006. Oscar-winning actor and comedian Williams was found dead on Monday from an apparent suicide at his home in Northern California, Marin County Sheriff's Office said. He was 63. REUTERS/Luke Macgregor/Files

Robin Williams' sudden death shocked the world. He has reportedly committed suicide. He apparently suffered from chronic depression which eventually took his life. Nobody hardly knew that the actor who was a comic relief to numerous was in fact depressive on such a level. In many countries, committing suicide is a criminal offence. Moreover, it leaves an irreparable damage on the dear ones. Here are ways you can handle depression.  

It's OK to be depressed at times

Life is hard. Things do go wrong more often than not. People disappoint us. We lose our loved ones and our dreams do not get fulfilled. That is why we do tend to feel blue from time to time. You have to accept the fact that it is OK to be depressive at times. It shows that you have a sensitive mind. The problem arises when you cannot get out of depression as it becomes your habit. It is critically important that you get back to your "normal" life as soon as possible.

Identify if you really have symptoms of chronic depression

You have to be sensible enough to find out if depression has become a disease for you. If you have one or more symptoms, you need to take action. Here are some of the symptoms:

1.      You are not able to carry out your normal everyday activities like brushing, taking bath, eating, sleeping etc.

2.      You are sad for a significantly long time (more than two weeks) and cannot focus on anything else but the one that saddens you.

3.      You have suffered unusual weight gain or loss.

4.      You are too tired to do anything.

5.      You have digestive problems, headaches or other body pains for no reason. Medicines do not help either.

6.      You blame yourself for something wrong happened in your life. You feel negative about life, and think you do not deserve to live as your life is worthless.

7.      You are indecisive. You cannot take a decision even about simple things in your daily life like which shirt you should wear.

8.      You have thought of taking your life or even tried it.

Finding a remedy

It is OK to be sick. Just like you find remedies for headache, stomach upset and fever, you should find remedies for your depression as well. Here are things you should do.

1.      You must realise that you cannot deal with it alone. You must take help from others. Talk about it with a friend who you believe is sensible enough to understand you condition.

2.      Visit a doctor. Several depressive conditions have physical reasons like vitamin deficiencies, hormonal issues or addiction. Let your doctor find out the physical problem and solve it.

3.      Find a professional to help you out. On most occasions, you just need a psychological counsellor to listen to you unconditionally. Talking about what disturbs you may solve it. There are possibilities that you have never talked about your sadness to anyone else.

4.      Help yourself. You are the best person to do so. Realise that your depression is your enemy. Fight with it in every possible way. Start by diverting your attention to other topics which motivate you.

5.      Change the interior set up of the place you spend most of your time. There may be memories that disturb you. Get rid of those. Change the way your bedroom, study or office cubicle looks.

6.      You are not the only one to suffer from depression. Find out glorious examples who overcame it successfully. They may not be celebrities but normal people like you. This makes it even more possible for you.

7.      Have patience. Your recovery process may take some time. Do not be anxious about it. Make a positive change today. You do not have to be back to your real self immediately, but eventually.

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