How to Keep Your Android Phone's Battery Healthy: Top Battery-Sucking Apps

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Smartphones and phablets continue to transform. Models come with more features and operate faster. With all the improvements and features, it has become a challenge for manufacturers to bring more battery life. Likewise, people who wish to do more often download and use as many apps as possible. This takes a toll on the battery life of the device. Here are some of the top battery-sucking apps users should think twice before installing. 

There are devices offering excellent battery life like the iPad Air and the Droid Maxx. However, people's devices are not limited to these. Those running Android handsets want more out of their units. Most devices require charging every few hours or every day. One way to save battery life is to get rid of battery-sucking apps. Some apps may not be as functional. Users can get rid of them. 

KS Mobile released a list of battery-demanding apps as a guide for users. According to the announcement of the company: 

"KS Mobile, the innovative makers of the free Clean Master utility app for Android 2.1 and up, today announced its index of Top 10 Android Vampire Apps that drain the most battery on Android smartphones worldwide. This list is ranked based on the highest average frequency that apps trigger a warning to smartphone users about their own battery consumption levels." 

Clean Masters' Production Manager, Adam Morley also gave his insights about the matter: 

"We want to empower our users to keep their smartphones operating smoothly and efficiently, that's why we want them to know which apps they enjoy the most might be draining their battery life more than they know. Eliminate the frustration of being left with a dead smartphone by practicing smart battery preservation on your Android and being selective about which apps you use". 

Here are the top battery-draining apps according to the company: 

1. Camera360 Ultimate from PinGuo Inc.

2. from Microsoft + SEVEN

3. EZ Weather Forecast & Widget EZMobs

4. Viki: Free TV, Movies & News from Viki, Inc.

5. Zello PTT Walkie-Talkie from Zello Inc.

6. Temple Run 2 from Imagi Studios

7. Imo free video calls and text from

8. Racing Moto from Top Casual Games

9. Fruit Ninja from Half Brick Studios

10. Candy Crush Saga from King, Ltd 

It is also best to turn off automatic updates and charge the handset before falling below 20 per cent. 

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