How to Install/Download Flappy Bird on iOS, Android, Windows Phones and Desktop/Laptop

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Yes, people have to accept that Flappy Bird is gone from the App Store for good. However, there are ways to install Flappy Bird on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone or desktop.

How to Install Flappy Birds on iPhone or iOS device?

1.   Re-install Flappy Bird from iTunes. If you have downloaded Flappy Bird to iTunes in the past and synced to iPad or iPhone and later deleted it from the device, you can re-install the game. However, if you deleted Flappy Bird from iTunes then you cannot re-install.

2.   Buy an iPhone or Android device with pre-installed Flappy Bird. The iPhones with Flappy Bird in it are very expensive. You can understand the craze for this crazy game. The used iPhones with Flappy Bird are available on eBay. According to Macworld, the prices of these phones are falling.

3.   Install Flappy Bird on your device using someone else's Apple ID. A cheap way to get Flappy Bird on iPhone is to find a friend who installed the game before it was pulled from the App Store. Apple allows a purchased app to be installed in not just one but multiple devices. You can share an Apple ID and purchased apps between up to 10 devices in a single household.

Open the App Store and click the Updates tab. Then go to Purchased and Not On This iPhone. You can search Flappy Bird or scroll down to locate the game, the click the iCloud symbol to download Flappy Bird.

4.   Find the Flappy Bird file online and install it to a jailbroken iPhone: iOS users need to have jailbroken iPhone or iPad to install the game. The file to look for on the internet is an IPA or .ipa.

How to Install Flappy Bird on Android devices?

Caution: These .APK files of Flappy Bird may have malware.

You can look for Flappy Bird apk on Google and find a link of the file. The file can be searched through Android phone, so that it can be downloaded and installed on the device itself.

If you are cool with playing the clones of Flappy Bird, you can, perhaps, wait for the Google Play Store approved versions of clones like Fall Out Bird.

How to Install Flappy Bird on Windows Phone?

The Windows phone users can download a version of Flappy Bird by IG Mobile (publisher), it is available for free. It is not the original version by developer Dong Nguyen.

How to Install Flappy Bird on Windows PC or play Online?

The flash version of Flappy Bird is available on the internet. Type play Flappy Bird online and you can get numerous options to play the game online.

Check out this one - Flappy Bird Online on

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