How to Improve Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy S4

By @peevesky on

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 1,650 mAh battery, but it is not enough for 5-inch super HD screen with a quad core processor. With the extra functions added to the gadget, the battery seems smaller than ever before. The S4 needs charging almost every night, but with these tips, can get as much as 20%-30% more run time. 

Turn On Automatic Brightness 

The screen accounts for 50% of the battery drain of the S4. Yes, it may seem weird not being able to utilize the 5-inch super HD screen, but if longer battery life is more important, users can save battery without sacrificing too much brightness. When users turn automatic brightness, the device will adjust the brightness automatically depending on where the user is. If the person is out under the sun, brightness will go up. The brightness will dim if the user chooses to lie down in bed or stay in the dark. 

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 

If the person does not use the S4 for browsing the internet all the time, they can disable Wi-Fi. Otherwise, it will regularly scan for internet connections. Bluetooth is a digital radio system that can transmit and receive information. This uses up a considerable amount of power if turned on. 

Switch On Flight Mode 

Users can switch on Flight Mode by holding down the power button, or by dragging down from the top and tapping the airplane icon. This will turn off all the power-consuming radios on the phone from the 3G and LTE networks to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

Keep in Cool Temperatures 

The S4's lithium-ion batteries aren't suited for high temperatures. In a year of usage at 0 degrees Celsius, the lithium-ion battery would lose around 5% of its capacity. It really is worth it to keep your S4 out of sunlight.

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