How to Improve the Battery Life of the iPad Air

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With its relatively less battery capacity, you might be finding ways on how to improve the battery life of the iPad Air - the thinnest and lightest tablet in the world today.

Here are some of tips and tricks on how to improve the battery life of the iPad Air.

1. Set the iPad Air Auto-Lock interval at 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 minutes to enable the device to turn off quickly after a period of inactivity. To set the Auto-Lock, go to the Settings > General > Auto-Lock.

2. The Wi-Fi drains battery quickly so disable it when not in use. To disable Wi-Fi go to the Setting, then tap on Wi-Fi and choose switch for Ask to Join Networks option to off. This option will not actually disable Wi-Fi but the device will not automatically connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks. To be able to connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks you need to connect manually.

3. Another trick to save battery life on the iPad Air is to set the screen brightness to dim. You can choose to set Auto-Brightness or manually reduce the brightness of the device to alleviate glare. Simply go to the Settings, select Brightness and Wallpaper then set Auto-Brightness to On.

4. When not needed, turn off location services by going to the Settings, select Privacy, tap the Location Services and then choose System Services.

5. Notification Centre services that run in the background of the iPad Air drain the battery fast, as such, it is recommended to turn it off.  Go to the settings, tap on Notifications Centre, select Today View and then disable Notifications for Apps.

6. Heat results in poor battery performance so keep your iPad Air in a cool place all the time. Avoid exposing to direct sunlight as well as keeping it inside hot closed interiors

7. Disable LTE/Cellular connections when not in use by going to Settings, select Cellular and then disable LTE/4G. On the other hand, you can use the Airplane mode in areas with no network coverage to maximise battery life.

8. Disable dynamic wallpapers as they drain the battery fast. You can do so by going to Settings, select Wallpapers & Brightness and tap on Choose Wallpaper.

9. Another battery saving tip is to disable Photo Stream by going to Settings, then select iCloud, go to Photo Stream and choose to turn off.

10. Turn off the Parallax effects by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > turn on Reduce Motion.

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