‘How I Met Your Mother’ Stars Talk Season 9: ‘This is the greatest job I’ve ever had’

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"How I Met Your Mother" may or may not end in 2013. There is still no definite answer despite the CBS network's hopeful stance before the current season premiered in September.

"We're in early conversations and we're pretty optimistic," said CBS president Nina Tassler told the media in July.

As far as Alyson Hannigan is concerned, a ninth season will be good news. "This is the greatest job I've ever had. I'd like it to work out," she told E! Online.

E! Online got to visit the HIMYM set recently, and the Season 9 was brought up during a quick chat. Josh Radnor is somewhere in the middle. He does not seem too keen on another season, but he is not disapproving either.

"I think if every party can work something out, including the writers, we might do another season or we might be done this season," he told E! Online, adding, "Either way, it feels like we'll have had a really nice run on television [by the end of Season 8]."

Radnor, who plays Ted Mosby, will be paired with guest star Abby Elliot in the next HIMYM episodes. Could Elliot be the 'Mother' in the sitcom's title?

Season 9 as a Farewell Season?

Series co-creator Craig Thomas had earlier expressed optimism for a ninth season.

"It's a really interesting situation because there's a negotiation going on that could extend the show, for sure. But right now, the thing that we know to be true is we have this year and no deal for next year. So we have to proceed as though this could be the last year of HIMYM. Hopefully we will know soon. Basically, we couldn't possibly know soon enough," he told TVLine.

In a separate interview, Neil Patrick Harris, who plays Barney Stinson, said he is hopeful for a "farewell season."

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Harris said:

"I personally am very hopeful that we get to do another season. Everyone, creatively, feels like a season 9 would be appropriate as the sort of farewell season. I know that [showrunners] Carter [Bays] and Craig [Thomas] have a plan of attack. No one wants it to go to 10, 11, 12 seasons and just outstay our welcome, but I know that their season 9 plan is strong. So it's really in the financiers hands, to see if they can make it work for everybody. Because our contract ended at [season] 8. We'll see. I'm hopeful. It's a great gig, I'd love to keep doing it."

How I Met Your Mother Season 8: Watch out for another 2-Part Episode

Remember "The Magician's Code?" It is the title of the 2-part finale last season. HIMYM is not really into doing two parts of an episode, but the show is doing it again this season.

CarterMatt.com reported, "The upcoming eleventh and twelfth episodes of the show's eighth season have undergone a title change, and are now going to be known as 'The Final Page,' part 1 and part 2."

Is this a sign that the show runners are fast tracking the imminent wedding of Barney and Robin?

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