'How I Met Your Mother' Star Neil Patrick Harris is Weak From Dieting Seriously to Look Feminine

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Neil Patrick Harris admitted to taking a feminine diet for his Hedwig role. Apparently, he took it so seriously that he is weak because of it. His diet was quite successful, because he really looked unrecognizable in Hedwig.

Neil Patrick Harris bares it all for everyone to see on a racy cover photo of him naked on the cover of the May 22 issue of "Rolling Stone" except for a bow tie and a top hat strategically placed on his private part. In his interview for the same magazine, Neil Patrick maintained the funny energy he displayed in his character Barney Stinson of "How I Met Your Mother" and talked about serious stuff such as his career and health.

According to this interview, Neil Patrick, 40 who is already quite slim, had to slim down further for his role in the Broadway Show entitled "Hedwig." His slimmed down physique is quite obvious on this particular Rolling Stone cover. Neil Patrick looked sexier than ever, probably thanks to Terry Richardson too, the renowned photographer who took the photo.

Even though he looks really sexy on this cover, the How I Met You star claims he prefers a little meat on his bones because he feels weak after his transformation for his role in Hedwig.

"I need to eat more. That's becoming apparent. I'm so intent on looking feminine, on changing my silhouette. But I'm running out of energy, and it's affecting my mood," shared NPH.

While he looks great, it is refreshing to see an actor who's willing to say that he does not feel okay with his transformation. It is important for an actor to prioritize his overall health and well-being too, even if a role demands something else.

Aside from his health, Neil Patrick Harris also shared some views on his career and why he became successful. His role as the womaziner, Barney Stinson in "How I Met Your Mother" is now considered legendary. For him, being gay did not hurt his career at all. He thinks coming out improved his career.

"Once all the cards were on the table, I got more opportunities than ever," Neil tells Rolling Stone. "Some actors don't get hired because you can't look into their soul and see what they're like, because they're kept guarded."

Seeing how dedicated he is to his craft, being gay naturally will not hurt him as an actor.

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