How I Met Your Mother St Patrick's Day Episode: Will You Bet 'Bump Girl' is 'The' Mother? [PHOTOS]

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How I Met Your Mother has inspired countless 'mother' speculations since the first season. A couple of candidates have been eliminated so far, but fans have yet to see a solid disproving of one particular possibility. Remember the nice friendly girl Ted Mosby bumps into at the 2008 St Patrick's Day party?

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How I Met Your Mother St Patrick’s Day Episode: Will You Bet ‘Bump Girl’ is ‘The’ Mother?

"On March 17th 2008, I went to a big St Patrick's Day party. It's a good thing I did, because funny story - your mother was there," Ted Mosby says in HIMYM Season 3 Episode 12: "No Tomorrow." He was not going to join Barney that night, but Swarley bro made a compelling argument as usual. They went to the 2008 party together, ditching their own dates to skip the long line.

"Do bad things, good things happen," is the subject of Ted's overthinking emo brain at the time. Towards the end of the episode, Ted tells his kids their mom was at the party, but "I just didn't meet her." The statement is a bit different to "we didn't meet." The mother has probably known Ted since the series beginning.

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Many blogging fans and entertainment news outlets have since argued the hot girl bumps into at the party is in fact the mother. Some of them argued the same girl was in Robin's booth at the pilot episode. Others have said, nah, it would be too easy. Some hyper-observant viewers even noticed the cut of the particular jeans the mother is wearing at the time (assuming she's the one with the yellow umbrella). And it does not seem to match the skinny jeans of "random bump girl."

What do you think? Have we met the mother yet? See the collage of mother 'sneak peek' photos. Catch her ankle again on the episode where Ted broke it off with a student. Then watch the episode where viewers are given a good look of the mother's arm-in-guitar.


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