‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spinoff Theory: HIMYD is Modern Day 'When Harry Met Sally?'

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Could this be plain coincidence or "How I Met Your Dad" series creators Carter Bays, Craig Thomas and Emily Spivey are gearing their new show as a modern day "When Harry Met Sally?"

After the show cast Meg Ryan as the voice of future Sally as she tells the story on how she met her future husband, fans can't help but speculate on the similarities of the upcoming show and the blockbuster movie.

Played by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, E! Online made a thorough similarity check on "How I Met Your Dad" similarities on "When Harry Met Sally" and Ryan's other rom-com movies. According to the website, "executive producers Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have decided to get their Frankenstein on and blend all three movies (WHMS, "You've Got Mail" and "Sleepless in Seattle") together to make TV's greatest romantic comedy of all-time."

Sally will be played by Greta Gerwig in the "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff who is actually married in the start of the show. Based on the previous interview with Gerwig, the actress made a few spoilers of the upcoming show and revealed that the show is based on Ryan's famous movies.

"I'm such a schmaltzy person. It's like, yes, I know that Annie Hall is the best ending of all time when they don't end up together," said the actress in an interview with Vulture. "But really, in my heart of heart of hearts...I love in When Harry Met Sally when they end up together."

Aside for playing the lead role, the "Frances Ha" actress will writing on the show once the pilot episode will pick on June. A huge fan of "When Harry Met Sally," Gerwig is greatly influenced by this all-time romantic comedy and who know she might add the famous "sandwich scene" in the show.

Also back in 2012, HIMYM series creator Craig Thomas told The Hollywood Reporter that he wanted to work with Nora Ephron ("When Harry Met Sally" writer who died later in 2012) when he was asked if he could add one writer to his staff.

So for now fans could only wait for the pilot episode and check it themselves, and hopefully the show will get its green light to be a regular series.

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