'How I Met Your Mother' Season 9: Wendy the Waitress to Return? Actor Josh Radnor Talks About Final Season [PHOTOS]

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The "How I Met Your Mother" cast members are not only busy working on Season 9 of the hit CBS sitcom but they are preparing as well to say goodbye. Actor Josh Radnor a.k.a. Ted Mosby has spoken about the show's final season in an interview. Fans have started counting down the days to the premiere of TV series' finale to see the HIMYM gang and other characters for the last time.

Is Wendy the Waitress one of them? Actress Charlene Amoia is known for portraying the role of a waitress at MacLaren's pub in the "How I Met Your Mother" series and SmallScreenScoop had a chat with Ms Amoia regarding a possible return for her character in Season 9.

When asked if Wendy the Waitress will appear in "How I Met Your Mother" Season 9, Charlene Amoia answered: "Oh, I really don't know but I do think it would be cool for the fans of the show to have all of the regular characters back before the end."

Actor Josh Radnor, who portrays Ted Mosby in the series, has opened up about the experience of filming the final season of HIMYM. "We've done five episodes, and I think they're as good and as strong as any episodes we've done," Mr Radnor shared to Collider during the interview.

The actor further added: "I just had this moment of being in the bar when no one was there and feeling like, 'Wow, this was a powerful time in all our lives.' It's certainly changed everyone's life, in so many ways. I had this moment that almost felt like walking into an empty church. Not to overstate it, but it was really beautiful."

According to the Spoiler TV report, Josh Radnor admitted that he does not entirely know how the TV series will end. "They've told me some of the arcs of this season. The narrative character knows everything. But, the character that I play doesn't have all that information. I just get the scripts a few days before. In some ways, I'm a fan of the show, but I just get to know what happens before the rest of the world," Josh shared.

Mr Radnor even spoke in behalf of the "How I Met Your Mother" cast when asked if all of them are now accepting that it is the last season for them or they are still in denial. The actor explained: "Everything is the last, but that's okay. Even though everyone loves the experience and recognizes how transformative it's been, you don't want to do it forever. It's just a long time to stay with one character."  

Josh further added that it is the perfect time for the ending to come. "We'll be happy when it ends, but also inconsolable. I think there's going to be a grieving that goes on because it's not just five people. It's 100 people that we've really grown to love," the actor stated.

"How I Met Your Mother" Season 9 will have an hour-long premiere on Monday, September 23, at the CBS TV network.

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