How I Met Your Mother Season 9: Ted, Robin Done Forever? 3 Reasons Lily Wins Bet vs Marshall [PHOTOS]

Spoiler Alert, A Legendary Ending Begins!
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"How I Met Your Mother" Season 9 begins the legendary ending of the hit CBS sitcom. Episode 1, "The Locket" and Episode 2, "Coming Back" will air back-to-back on Sept. 23.

The 1-hour premiere of How I Met Your Mother Season 9 begins the "Cristin Milioti" chapter to the fans. This could mean that Ted (Josh Radnor) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) are done forever. Lily (Alyson Hannigan) could win the no-Robin-and-Ted-in-the-end bet against Marshall (Jason Segel). And Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) - does he stay married to Robin, after all?

Barney being the most unpredictable "magician" in the gang, it is difficult to imagine what How I Met Your Mother Season 9 will show about him. The predictable Ted Mosby, however, could be finally done with Robin Scherbatsky. Here are three ways Lily could beat Marshall in one their most important long-standing bets.

Ted and Robin are Done Forever; It's Ted and Mrs Mosby 'Til the End of Days

3. Extraordinary Love. For eight years Ted has been looking for "The One." He almost married Stella, and Robin said he deserved more than someone else's wedding for a happy ending. Robin's right. And Ted deserved more than Robin herself - he gets a half-Robin, half-Lily with Cristin Milioti. (See the resemblance in the photo below?) After eight years of "mistakes," Ted is not going back to the one he had blocked her way to Mrs Mosby.

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Premieres Sept. 23, The Legendary Ending Begins! (CREDIT: CBS Promo Photos)

2. Cobie Smulders has said it - Robin just doesn't love Ted the way she loves Barney. It would be good to see Ted and Robin remain best of friends until old age, but Mrs Mosby is the last love story for Ted.

1. Ted Mosby's best lifetime relationship is with himself - or a female version of him. That's how Cristin Milioti describes the titular mother. Spoilers indicate all of Ted Mosby's friends will like the future Mrs Mosby -- but it will take some time. The HIMYM history shows that Marshall and Lily didn't exactly like Ted at first. It has a lot to do with his being such a dorky nerd, as pointed out throughout the series.

"I think she's a music nerd, she's like a literary nerd, she's very funny, hopelessly awkward. She's actually kind of a little bit like the female version of Ted," Milioti told TV Line.

Ted Mosby, in How I Met Your Mother Season 8, Episode 20 ("The Time Travelers") sang Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time" with Barney. Their past, present, and future selves sing for the same woman - Robin for Barney, the future Mrs Mosby for Ted. (I want you so bad / I think you ought to know that / I intend to hold you for The longest time) 

The legendary How I Met Your Mother Season 9 ending begins on Monday (Sept. 23) on CBS. Check out the slideshow for some CBS promo photos. See what HIMYM fandom are posting on Tumblr, too.

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