How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Spoilers: Pre-Wedding Jitters to Push Robin to Ask Ted for Another Chance? [PHOTOS]


How I Met Your Mother Season 9 spoilers guarantee that Robin and Barney will eventually marry. The wedding does happen. In fact, the entire HIMYM farewell season treatment is a non-linear storytelling of the couple's honeymoon weekend. But what about that moment when Robin realises Ted Mosby knows her better than Barney Stinson does?

"Maybe we don't need the Universe to tell us what we really want. Maybe we already know that deep down," Ted tells Robin in How I Met Your Mother Season 8. Many HIMYM fans claim these two belong together. Others are saying Ted's wife will eventually die, Robin and Barney will divorce, and in the end, it will still be Ted and Robin.

In the premiere episode of How I Met Your Mother Season 8, fans see Robin in her worst wedding jitters moment. She might try to pull a runaway bride act, Victoria style. If she does, who's running with, or after her?

Ted ditches a major job interview to be with Robin at a time of an emotional (yet silly) crisis. Barney chooses to go play laser tag with her dad. At some point, she might ask herself, shouldn't she be with the one who loves her more?

There's not enough How I Met Your Mother Season 9 spoilers to hint that Robin will eventually give Ted another chance. Season 8 ended days before the wedding, but the non-linear treatment for Season 9 makes anything possible in flashbacks.

It would be very interesting to find out how Robin meets Cristin Milioti's character, the titular mother, Ted's future wife. Spoilers say Ted will be the last person to meet his future wife. Barney might be the first person to meet her. It's good that way, seeing that Ted was with Barney the first time he saw Robin. Then again, it's good if the mother meets Robin first. She's always been the reason why Ted's relationships (all several of them) failed throughout the past 8-year run. Now when Robin feels the spark between Ted and the future wife, what's the Robinesque thing that she'd feel - the same way she felt when he fell for Victoria?

Ted almost married Stella in How I Met Your Mother Season 4. In Season 8, it was revealed that she was devastated on his wedding date. (Typical Robin, eh?) It was then that she recovered her locket, her "Something Old," from the Central Park grounds. (But she was too drunk to remember it happened.) It's the same locket that Ted has in his possession in HIMYM Season 8 finale.

This "something old" is likely the focus of How I Met Your Mother Season 9 premiere episode called, "The Locket." How will the erstwhile couple's returning-your-locket conversation go?

For a little fun before How I Met Your Mother Season 9 (premiere date on September 23), be in San Diego for the comic-con this month. If you're an avid HIMYM fan and attending the SDCC, you might want to do a little cosplay as Robin Sparkles. Check this link for the show's first-ever participation in the international comic-con.

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