'How I Met Your Mother' Season 9 Spoilers: Cristin Milioti in Big Episodes in 2014 Til Series Finale?

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"How I Met Your Mother" Season 9 spoilers indicate Cristin Milioti will be seen a lot more in the second half of the sitcom's final season. She may have missed a number of episodes in the first half, but from the 200th episode, big changes will happen.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains major spoilers from the 2013 episodes of How I Met Your Mother Season 9. Minor spoilers in January 2014 episodes are also included.

Cristin Milioti's titular character has so far met Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan), and Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) - in that order. She will meet Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) and Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) in January 2014 episodes. These meetings, according to teasers and fan speculations, will be legen - waitforit - dary!

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 returns to CBS for its winter premiere on Jan. 13. Episode 14, "Unpause," tackles the moving-to-Rome issue between Lily and Marshall. Will the Eriksens forego Rome with "The Captain" in favour of Marshall's judgeship post?

HIMYM Season 9, Episode 15 is called "Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra." Barney Stinson is expected to get slapped by Marshall Eriksen again. It could be a flash forward. (Will Barney, the groom-to-be, do something awful that makes him deserving of Marshall's slap.)

The 200th episode, aka How I Met Your Mother Season 9, Episode 16 is titled,  "How Your Mother Met Me." The showrunners tease if there has not been enough of Cristin Milioti in the previous episodes, HIMYM fans will get tired of her in this special. The title says it all.

Less than a day before the wedding, How I Met Your Mother characters will be tying up some neat ribbons toward the series finale. How Your Mother Met Me is expected to tell the story of what Cristin Milioti's mother character has been doing for the past eight years. What did she think of Ted Mosby when he lectured the wrong class some five years ago? Where else has she seen him? Most important, what is her name?

Ten years ago, NBC's "FRIENDS" concluded its 10-season run. In March 2014, How I Met Your Mother will do the same after nine years of fun comedy. As the sitcom series finale draws near, HIMYM fans are expected to stay tuned until the gang's final act.

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